WW3 Warning: Israeli Gov’t Announce Plans To Carpet Bomb Iran

WW3 Warning: Israeli Gov’t Announce Plans To Carpet Bomb Iran  israel

The Israeli government has announced plans to target Iran with missile strikes, sparking fears that World War 3 is about to be ignited in the Middle East.

Israel’s economy and industry minister Nir Barkat told the Telegraph this week Iran has become a “legitimate target” for Israeli missile strikes.

“Iran is a legitimate target for Israel. They will not get away with it. The head of the snake is Tehran. My recommendation is to adopt the strategy that President Kennedy used in the Cuban missile crisis. What he basically said then was a missile from Cuba will be answered with a missile to Moscow,” Barkat said.

Infowars.com reports: “And we should very very clearly make sure the Iranians understand that they will not get away with using proxies against Israel and sleep good at night if we don’t sleep good at night,” he added.

“We believe them when they say they want to destroy Israel. If anything, what we have learned from October 7 is believe our enemies and the wickedness in their evil, their goals, thoughts and actions and we are not going to allow another Holocaust.”

Barkat claimed Israel could manage a war with Hamas and Iran at the same time and actually asserted that “as big as the crisis is, it is also a really big opportunity” for his nation because other governments would seek Israel’s expertise in fighting jihadism.

The Israeli official also suggested Palestinians in the West Bank will be prohibited from working in the country again and that foreign immigrants will be brought in to fill the void.

He specifically cited Indians as the most likely group of people Israel could recruit since they’d be making up to ten times more money than they do in India.

Between Israel’s saber-rattling and repeated warnings by top Western officials to prepare for war, the stage is being set for a third global conflict and ultimately the WEF’s Great Reset.