Child Sex Workers ‘Fully Booked’ at Davos, WEF Insider Says

Child Sex Workers ‘Fully Booked’ at Davos, WEF Insider Says  Globalist Elite

Thousands of children have been flown into the World Economic Forum under cover of darkness for the global elite’s annual summit in the Swiss alpine report of Davos, according to World Economic Forum insiders who reveal the horrific scale of the elite’s chosen vice.

Dozens of private jets have been turned into child escort carriers to traffic the children across borders and into the vipers’ den, according to sources familiar with the matter.

None of these children have passports and the majority of them do not have any form of identification. Their past is unknown and their future does not bear thinking about.

We have been warning the world about the child sex trafficking industry for years. During this time, the elite have been hiding in plain sight and furthering their plan to normalize and finally legalize pedophilia.

This evil cannot be allowed to continue. We need your help dismantling a 9,000-year-old Satan-worshipping pedophile cult.

Satanic rituals have become traditional at the opening of Davos summits and the elite are becoming increasingly shameless when it comes to rubbing our faces in it.

The theme this year is ‘Rebuilding Trust’ – and will be attended by 3,000 guests including many of the most notorious members of the cabal.

But when they descend on the exclusive globalist summit, attendees do more than just discuss global conflicts, the economy, technology, and how they can enslave the human race and usher in the New World Order.

They also bond and build bridges with one another at A-list soirees and parties.

In fact, according to an insider, these parties are the most important part of the whole summit.

We already know what happens out in the open. It’s all cocaine, champagne, caviar and fine cuts of meat – while the elite plot how to ban the rest of us from consuming anything other than bugs, insects and recycled toilet water.

It’s bunga bunga, according to the mainstream media. But in reality the situation is much darker. Much, much darker.

Demand for sex work skyrockets each year at the meeting of world leaders and business tycoons who jet in from all around the world to rub shoulders with each other.

What the media don’t tell you is that the majority of these sex workers are underage. And many of them are extremely young.

It said over 1,000 private-jet flights arrived and departed airports serving Davos in January and approximately 12 of these were packed with underage children being trafficked.

According to the sick and twisted minds in the corridors of power in Davos, age of consent laws have no place in an “enlightened society” because they discriminate against a child’s right to choose to have sex with adults.

Infiltrated governments across the world, operating under the direct control of the World Economic Forum, are waging war on our children.

Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders are systematically attempting to normalize pedophilia and decriminalize sex with children and they are now so arrogant they are no longer even trying to hide it.

Jacinda Ardern is now a full-time WEF employee but during her time as prime minister of New Zealand, a judge declared that 12-year-old children can consent to sexual intercourse with adults. No need to hit rewind. You heard me correctly.

The case in question featured a 45-year-old man whose defense centered on the claim that his 12-year-old victim “wanted it.” According to the middle-aged man, the 12-year-old girl pressured him for sex.

Disturbing times in New Zealand. But are you surprised? We are talking about a far-left authoritarian state, led by Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern, where citizens are being told to put their total trust in government.

New Zealand has fallen. But they are not the only ones.

President Macron’s French government voted against having an age of consent in France in 2018, becoming the first nation to give in to pressure from an international cabal determined to decriminalize sex with children across the world.

This means federal law in France has no legal age of consent, and adults who have sex with children of any age will not be prosecuted for rape if the child victim is unable to prove “violence, threat, duress, or surprise.”

Is it any coincidence that Macron is another WEF Young Global Leader who just so happened to be groomed by a much older woman while he was an underage boy at school?

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned us years ago that the global elite plan to normalize pedophilia in the West. According to Putin, the global elite engage in Satan worship. “Do as thou wilt” is their motto. It appears he was correct.

The attempt to normalize pedophilia has been playing out before our very eyes for years. And who better to desensitize the masses than the mainstream media and their favorite stars.

Oprah and her stable of pedophile friends have been taking every opportunity to quietly undermine traditional family values for years now.

According to Bill Maher, a relationship between a thirty-something and a 12-year-old child is totally fine and society should stop being so uptight.

But the elite are not stopping at age of consent laws. They are now laying the groundwork to take away the natural right of parents to raise their own children. Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child and the global elite are taking this concept even further.

A World Economic Forum professor has declared that parents will soon need to obtain a license from the government in order to raise their own children.

According to Connor Kianpour from the WEF-funded University of Colorado Boulder, parents will need to prove that they accept the radical pro-pedophilia and transgender agenda before being granted a license.

In his paper “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright: Expanding the Role of the State in Parenting,” the WEF official argues:

“Individuals have no right to rear their biological children, nor do they have any interests weighty enough to justify a right to rear children generally,” Kianpour states.

“Since these rights do not exist, regulated parenting policies cannot be said to jeopardize them.” 

This is just another evil policy pushed by the globalist elite on the unsuspecting citizens of Western countries.

If you are wondering how any adult could possibly bring themselves to argue that laws against pedophilia infringe on the rights of children, or that parents do not have the natural right to raise their own children, then you must remember that to the globalist elite, bad equals good.

We have now reached the stage of their master plan when they are rubbing our faces in it.

It’s time to dismantle this 9,000 year old Satan-worshipping pedophile cult one guilty verdict after another.