WEF Declares ‘Farming and Fishing’ Must Be Criminalized To ‘Reach Net Zero’

WEF Declares ‘Farming and Fishing’ Must Be Criminalized To ‘Reach Net Zero’

Individuals who farm or fish for food are committing “serious crimes” according to the World Economic Forum who announced plans to coerce world governments into legislating against these activities.

According to Jojo Mehta, WEF member and founder of Stop Ecocide Now, farming and fishing must be consigned to the dustbin of history and anybody who defies her wishes must be imprisoned.

“Ecocide as a word is becoming better known around the world and the concept is generally mass damage and destruction of nature,” said Mehta. But legally speaking, what our organization and other collaborators aim to do is have this recognized as a serious crime.”

“Mass murder, torture, all of these things are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in the environmental space, Mehta continued. Watch:

Meanwhile in Davos, Klaus Schwab has admitted the people of the world are rising up against the globalist agenda.

However, rather than admit that his anti-human agenda, which is based on outdated Marxist principles, is a failure, Schwab is doubling down, and threatening to impose his agenda by force.

According to Schwab, the future of elections must involve decision-making AI because the people have proven themselves unworthy to be trusted to make choices for themselves.