Tens of Thousands of German Farmers Rise Up Against WEF’s Net Zero Agenda – Media Blackout

Tens of Thousands of German Farmers Rise Up Against WEF’s Net Zero Agenda – Media Blackout  German government

Tens of thousands of German farmers have lined highways in protest against the socialist government’s devastating policies designed to drive farmers out of business in favor of meeting the World Economic Forum’s green agenda Net Zero goals.

German farmers have continued their December protests with a January uprising that matches the massive tractor convoys seen in other European countries over the past two years – and the mainstream media is determined to downplay the size of the protests.

Germany’s leftwing coalition government, made up of the Social Democrats (SPD), Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens, announced the anti-farmer policy in mid-December as part of their shift towards meeting Klaus Schwab’s draconian Net Zero goals.

According to German farmers, the new government policies will push them out of business and devastate the food supply in the country, causing the price of meat to skyrocket out of the price range for ordinary people.

The controversial decision has caused a rift between the coalition government, with the Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir siding with the farmers, saying they have “no alternative.” 

“I’m not shutting myself off from us having to save, but it must be done in a way that we take people along with us — and farmers are the ones who supply us with food,” he said

“These cuts … overburden the sector,” Özdemir added.

On Friday, German farmers angry at massive increases in diesel costs blockaded the ferry on which Deputy Chancellor Robert Habeck was returning from holiday.

The farmer protests are expected to continue as they continue pressuring the government to reverse the decision to drive them out of business and plunge the nation into chaos. 

“January 8th we will be present everywhere in a way that the country has never experienced before. We will not accept this,” said Germany’s DBV farmers lobby President Joachim Rukwied.

The majority of family-run farms and agriculture businesses have acknowledged the Net Zero-related tax hikes will drive them out of business. 

“What are we supposed to do? The land is there. It has to be harvested and if it turns into a jungle, no one gains anything,” said Erwin Decker, a wine farmer in Southwest Germany.

Last year, more than 10,000 Dutch farmers and freedom protesters showed up to The Hague after the government announced it would force at least 3000 farmers to sell their land in order to comply with the EU’s climate agenda and emissions reduction targets.

In the United States, Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry explicitly threatened US farmers with farm seizures in order to meet WEF Net Zero goals, as seen in the Netherlands earlier in the year.