Scientists Warn New COVID Strain Will Cause Global ‘Heart Attack Pandemic’

Scientists Warn New COVID Strain Will Cause Global ‘Heart Attack Pandemic’

Scientists are now warning that a new ‘mysterious’ COVID strain is set to cause a global “heart attack pandemic”, even among the fully vaccinated population.

A new strain known as JN.1 will cause millions of people to suffer from “reduced cardiac function,” according to a new report.

“Japan’s top research institute Riken has now issued a warning in the new report, which states that the ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus clings to within human cells, are ‘very common’ in the heart,” GB News reports.

“Even though conclusive clinical evidence that persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with declined cardiac function has not been reported so far, the proof-of-concept study of the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 persistent infection of the heart and the potential risk of opportunistic progression of heart failure should be validated by a three-dimensional human cardiac tissue model which would serve as the alarm bell for a global healthcare risk,” the report claims. reports: Health officials suggested people should be wary of gathering for New Year’s Eve celebrations, warning, yet again, that hospitals would be at risk of being stretched to breaking point.

Despite everything we’ve learned about the association between COVID vaccines and serious heart problems, it appears they’re now trying to re-brand the heart problems as being caused by COVID itself.

Oh well, guess we better take another round of the “100 per cent safe and effective” then!

Once the new booster is rolled out, expect another spate of healthy, professional sports stars suddenly collapsing in the middle of the field as a result of…checks notes… the JN.1 COVID strain.

Respondents on X shockingly weren’t buying it.