Chinese Communist Party ‘Vaccine Ambassador’ Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest

Chinese Communist Party ‘Vaccine Ambassador’ Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest  Kathy Chow

Hong Kong celebrity actress and Chinese Communist Party “vaccine ambassador” Kathy Chow has died suddenly of cardiac arrest.

Chow’s medical records were leaked to the press during following her death by a whistleblower determined to reveal the truth behind the celebrity’s unexpected death. Chinese police then arrested the 36-year-old man responsible for leaking the cause of her death to the public.

Chow was well-known throughout China as one of the CCP’s vaccine ambassador who was promoting the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines to the general population. Watch:

Chow’s sudden death of heart failure and the arrest of the whistleblower who leaked her medical records to the press has sparked speculation in China that the CCP are attempting covering their tracks.

The Chinese search engine Baidu also removed the record of Chow receiving Covid vaccines in Beijing from her biography.

As Jennifer Zeng wrote on Twitter, “If the CCP doesn’t have anything to hide, why did it do this?”

Chow is the latest in a long line of celebrities and influencers to die suddenly after promoting the Covid vaccine on behalf of governments and Big Pharma during the pandemic.

Many independent publishers have reported on the dozens of healthy individuals, including professional athletes, suddenly dropping dead since the vaccine roll-out.