Bill Gates Caught Lying About Jeffrey Epstein Victim As New Photo Blows His Defense Apart

Bill Gates Caught Lying About Jeffrey Epstein Victim As New Photo Blows His Defense Apart  WSJ
Wall Street Journal

A recently surfaced photograph depicts globalist billionaire Bill Gates in the company of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, as reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), catching Gates in another lie about his relationship with the notorious pedophile.

The revelation comes amid the WSJ’s detailed investigation into the persistent exploitation and abuse of women and children by the late sex trafficker Epstein, and the friendships he maintained with members of the global elite even after his 2008 conviction for child sex crimes.

Despite claims by high-profile associates that Epstein’s predatory behavior stopped post-conviction, the WSJ’s findings indicate otherwise. Epstein continued to leverage his extensive network of influential connections, promising young women and underage girls various career opportunities, including roles in Woody Allen films, positions at the United Nations, roles in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and modeling contracts with Victoria’s Secret.

One case highlighted involves a Polish model enticed in 2014 with promises of career advancement, including a role with the Gates Foundation.

The recently revealed photograph captures Gates in a seemingly casual pose alongside the Polish model, identified by the WSJ as an Epstein victim. She was also photographed with Epstein’s friend Woody Allen on another occasion.

According to the WSJ, the image was taken in Gates’s Seattle office in March 2014, a full six years after Epstein’s well-publicized child sex conviction. Her face was redacted by the WSJ to protect her privacy.

The WSJ report details how the Polish victim, introduced to Epstein by Ramsey Elkholy, found herself entangled in promises of career advancement through Epstein’s influential connections. This modus operandi aligns with accounts from other victims, indicating that Epstein often used photographs with influential figures including Gates to lend credibility to his promises and further ensnare victims.

The Polish model alleges she endured approximately eight months of sexual abuse within Epstein’s VIP circle, attending academic conferences, visiting Epstein’s private island, and being photographed with notable figures like Woody Allen and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The WSJ’s investigation extends beyond individual cases, revealing Epstein’s private calendars managed by his executive assistant Lesley Groff, documenting hundreds of appointments with young women and underage girls.

These appointments, often identified solely by first names and phone numbers, were interspersed with Epstein’s engagements with powerful elites and household names from corporate and political spheres.

In response to the emergence of the photograph, Bill Gates and his team have denied any knowledge of interactions with the model during her visit to his offices.

A spokesperson for Gates emphasized that Gates did not meet with the Epstein victim, despite the photographic evidence. The Polish model, now married with a family and employed at a prominent financial services company, expressed her desire to move past the traumatic chapter of her life.

The WSJ report also revisits earlier allegations involving Gates and Epstein, including revelations about an extramarital affair between Gates and a Russian bridge player, Mila Antonova.

Epstein allegedly used knowledge of the affair to intimidate and bribe Gates, threatening exposure unless Gates contributed to a multibillion-dollar charitable fund.

Gates’s ex-wife, Melinda, cited his relationship with Epstein as a major factor contributing to the end of their 27-year marriage.

These revelations, coupled with Melinda’s public statements expressing concern about Epstein, add strong doubt to Gates’ claims the nature of his friendship with the disgraced financier.

Despite Gates’s assertions of regret over his interactions with Epstein, evidence continues to emerge raising severe doubt about the nature and extent of their relationship.