Pizzagate ‘Debunkers’ Media Matters Under Investigation for Bullying Advertisers To Flee X

Pizzagate ‘Debunkers’ Media Matters Under Investigation for Bullying Advertisers To Flee X

The Soros-funded Media Matters is under official investigation by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey for attempting to “bully advertisers” into fleeing X by gaming the platform’s algorithm.

The far-left group is run by David Brock – a notorious Clinton operative funded by George Soros and tasked with censoring social media of conservative and independent voices.  Media Matters is one of the most prolific censors on the Internet and has been instrumental in keeping the Pizzagate story suppressed and hidden from public view. 

On Monday, AG Bailey sent a letter to Media Matters, noting “As you are no doubt aware, a federal lawsuit has been filed against Media Matters, raising serious allegations that your firm falsely and deceptively manipulated the algorithm on X (formerly known as Twitter) through coordinated, inauthentic behavior and that you did so in an attempt to defame the organization and cause advertisers to pull their support from the platform, thus harming free speech.” reports: It continues, “The lawsuit alleges that you lied to the public, falsely suggested that fringe, extremist content regularly appears next to content from corporate advertisers when in fact the opposite is true,” Bailey added. “At the same time, you appear to have used this coordinated, inauthentic activity to solicit charitable donations from consumers across the country.”

Bailey posted the notification to X, noting that if found to be the case, it would constitute a violation of the state’s consumer protection laws, “including laws that prohibit nonprofit entities from soliciting funds under false pretenses.”

The AG also labeled X “the last platform dedicated to free speech in America.”

Bailey notes that his office has ordered Media Matters to preserve “Internal communications regarding their strategy to target advertisers on X into pulling their ads from the platform,” as well as “Communications with IBM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Apple, Disney, Warner Brothers Discovery, Paramount Gold, NBCUniversal, Comcast, Sony, Ubisoft and Wal-Mart.”

Media Matters has also been notified to preserve “Internal communications regarding policies, strategies or operations related to generating stories or content intended to “cancel,” “deplatform,” “demonetize,” or otherwise interfere with businesses or organizations located in Missouri, or utilized by Missouri residents.”

In further tweets, Bailey labeled Media Matters and other organisations like them “progressive tyrants masquerading as news outlets… in order to wipe out free speech.”

Elon Musk posted that he is “glad to hear this,” after stating Sunday that X is suing Media Matters “in every country they operate.”

Musk further asserted that “Media Matters is an evil propaganda machine, they can go to hell. I hope they do.”

During the same discussion, Musk said that he would rather “go to prison” than restrict free speech on X at the behest of the government.