Ep. 48 Tucker Carlson Drops Brand-New Interview With Music Legend Kid Rock

Ep. 48 Tucker Carlson Drops Brand-New Interview With Music Legend Kid Rock

In an era where every public figure seems to be walking on eggshells, Kid Rock’s unvarnished candor during his interview with Tucker Carlson is a stark departure. Kid Rock, whose transformation from musician to a cultural icon was described by Carlson as “a one-man movement,” displayed his well-known disregard for conventional societal norms.

Rock’s commentary on Bud Light’s marketing decision encapsulates his unfiltered approach. “Fuck Bud light and fuck Anheuser Bush,” he declared, underlining his disdain for decisions he perceives as betraying the brand’s consumer base. He didn’t just stop at words; he released a video executing a Bud Light can with a carbine, an act that solidified his reputation as someone who walks the talk.

Carlson observed the tangible impact of Rock’s outcry, highlighting the closure of Bud Light’s bottling plants and their later sponsorship deal with the UFC. Rock’s take on the situation was one of cautious optimism. “That seems like a win to me,” he remarked, suggesting that while the company stumbled, there’s a road to redemption.

The conversation wasn’t confined to corporate missteps. It also ventured into personal convictions and politics. Kid Rock’s support for Trump was unambiguous. “Toughest son of a bitch on the earth. He’s doing great,” he stated, reflecting his admiration for Trump’s resilience and leadership.

Much more was revealed in this 25-minute interview. Watch the full video below: