White Lung Syndrome: Experts Float Theories on What It Is, What Causes It and Does It Even Exist?


Regardless of what’s behind recent outbreaks of white lung disease, some medical experts said they believe public health officials are downplaying environmental stressors and ignoring the immune-degrading effects of vaccination and poor diets that make people — and especially children — more vulnerable to infections of all kinds.

White Lung Syndrome: Experts Float Theories on What It Is, What Causes It and Does It Even Exist?

Media outlets and some mainstream medical experts are sounding the alarm over reports of pediatric white lung disease (or syndrome) outbreaks. But not all medical experts agree on what’s causing the outbreaks or what they mean — or whether the condition even exists.

Many, including experts interviewed by The Defender, do agree on this, however: Regardless of what the disease is and what’s behind the recent outbreaks, public health officials are downplaying environmental stressors and ignoring the immune-degrading effects of vaccination and poor diets that make people — and especially children — more vulnerable to infections of all kinds.

Pediatricians Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Larry Palevsky on a recent episode of “Good Morning CHD” on CHD.TV pushed back on media claims of white lung disease, instead pointing to vaccine-induced hyperimmunity and often-dismissed environmental factors.

“There’s no reason to worry,” said Thomas. “We’ve seen this before where you get news that just blows up fear-mongering.” Such news provokes parents to “rush their kids into their pediatrician’s office to get an RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] shot, a COVID shot, a flu shot.”

“There is nothing worse you could do for your immune system than to take those shots,” he said.

Vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, Ph.D., in a guest post published Wednesday by the Alliance for Natural Health International, theorized surging child pneumonia cases result from hyper-infectious variants caused by mass vaccination that exploit young kids’ temporary gap in immunity.

Dr. Lewis Coleman, a California anesthesiologist and author of “50 Years Lost in Medical Advance,” told The Defender he believes COVID-19 infections and vaccines could be activating the “mammalian stress mechanism,” resulting in a hyperinflammatory response where fibrin from the blood is expelled into the lungs, causing the white appearance on X-rays.

Conventional analyses from Chinese and U.S. health authorities cited the role of prior lockdowns in impaired immunity and common respiratory viruses as the likely cause behind upticks in pediatric hospitalizations, according to internet lecturer John Campbell, Ph.D.

Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News the Chinese identified Mycoplasma pneumoniae (also called “walking pneumonia”), a common respiratory pathogen, which can become “resistant mycoplasma,” he said, when too many kids receive antibiotic treatments.

Studies from Beijing show the bacterial resistance to myoplasmic pneumonia is between 70-90%, Campbell said.

Mainstream health authorities maintain the increase in childhood respiratory illnesses falls within normal ranges of seasonal sickness.

“There’s no such thing as white lung syndrome,” said Dr. Shira Doron of Tufts Medical Center on a recent NBC Boston segment shown in the CHD.TV episode. “The news story here is that a scary headline will spread even faster than a virus.”

In China, over 3,500 children were admitted for treatment of “white lung” in October and November, said Campbell.

Since August, Ohio’s Warren County Health District has recorded 142 pediatric pneumonia hospitalizations, according to NBC Boston.

The syndrome has also been noted in the Netherlands and Denmark, with the latter reporting 541 cases as of Nov. 26.

Possible role of vaccines, environmental stressors

Thomas told CHD.TV that said routine childhood vaccinations can cause side effects that “are never attributed to the vaccine.”

My own data, which just compared unvaccinated to variably vaccinated kids showed a really surprising finding: the unvaccinated had much better immune systems, and that translated into way less infections,” Thomas said.

Thomas said it didn’t matter whether he was looking at “ear infections, lung infections, sinus infections, eye infections, [or] all infections combined” — there was a “massive benefit” for those who did not vaccinate.

Thomas shared how his mother, after receiving three COVID-19 shots, developed lung inflammation resembling the reported white lung cases. “Her X-ray looked exactly like those X-rays now,” he said.

Palevsky pointed out that Mycoplasma pneumoniae is listed as a potential side effect of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

“We could be colonizing mycoplasma bacteria in our airways and not be sick” until bodily conditions change and symptoms develop, he said, adding that the common medical thinking that “you only got it [a virus] because someone gave it to you” is false.

Palevsky said environmental toxins like air pollution and electromagnetic radiation, inappropriate eating and nutrient deficiencies like low vitamin D levels that alter internal terrain often go overlooked as illness triggers.

These factors are increasing children’s stress levels, he said, resulting in “the body … responding in an appropriate way to get the garbage … the toxins out of their systems.”

These factors are increasing children’s stress levels, he said, resulting in “the body … responding in an appropriate way to get the garbage … the toxins out of their systems.”

Carla Peeters, Ph.D., in a Brownstone Institute article published Wednesday, said white lung syndrome is most likely the result of “a dramatic degradation of the human immune system” creating a susceptibility for “many opportunistic pathogens from bacteria to fungi to viruses.”

She attributed the degradation in part to “chronic fear, anxiety, and pandemic measures,” leading to poverty, homelessness and exposure to frigid air, and noted new studies found masks were linked to “Covid infections, exposure to toxic compounds, and pathogenic bacteria and fungi.”

Peeters called for “affordable nutritious food and warmth” and a better-prepared healthcare system, including natural remedies.

Campbell said it was a pity the World Health Organization, in its Nov. 23 press release about the illness, didn’t talk about strengthening the immune system through nutrition, vitamin D, sleep or exercise, and instead focused on mask-wearing and isolation.

Vanden Bossche: Mass vaccination stresses immature immune systems

According to Vanden Bossche, it is unlikely that the white lung pneumonia reported in children would be connected to COVID-19 vaccination directly (due to low vaccination rates in this age group) or the lifting of confinement policies.

He theorized short-lived pediatric respiratory disease spikes emerge from mass vaccination-caused population-level pressure on viral variants as they seek to evade human immune defenses. The resulting higher transmission rates enable repeat infections in children before they develop mature immunity.

Vanden Bossche explained:

“The reason why WLP [white lung pneumonia] predominantly (but not exclusively) affects children aged 5 to 12 is that, at this stage, they have not yet transitioned from natural/innate antibody(Ab)-mediated protection against glycosylated components (including viruses or small microorganisms containing glycosylated components in their envelope/membrane) to trained, cell-mediated innate immunity …

[‘Glycosylation’ describes how virus particles or other pathogens hijack our cellular machinery to attach sugar molecules to their structural components like surface proteins or envelopes, optimizing their infectivity by evading immune recognition and improving stability.]

“As children grow older, they progressively replace the ‘self’-sensing innate Ab capacity by a pool of pre-primed Natural Killer cells that can recognize pathogen-derived self-mimicking (i.e., ‘altered self’) motifs on virus-infected or otherwise pathologically altered host cells such as to kill those cells.”

In other words, white lung pneumonia largely impacts younger children because their early-stage antibodies have waned before more advanced cellular defenses have fully developed.

This leaves their immune systems vulnerable to being overwhelmed by new viral variants, triggering lung inflammation that allows other pathogens already inhabiting the upper airway tract — such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae, RSV, influenza or Streptococcus pneumoniae — to infect more easily, Vanden Bossche said.

“Massive migration of virus-tethered dendritic cells [immune system ‘first responders’ that detect and attach to pathogens] to the lung likely triggers extensive inflammation,” he said, adding that this theory of pathogenesis “suggests that enhanced microbial infection is not the cause, but rather secondary to pulmonary (lung) inflammation.”

“I therefore prefer to refer to this condition as white lung syndrome (WLS),” he said.

During high population- or family-level infection rates, children are more likely to become reinfected shortly after an asymptomatic infection, “thereby sidelining the innate immune response against airborne glycosylated viruses,” Vanden Bossche said.

Amending his earlier statement about the possible contribution of COVID-19 vaccines to white lung syndrome, Vanden Bossche wrote, “This disease could also affect C[OVID]-19 vaccinees, particularly those who have not yet developed sufficiently strong CTL (cytotoxic T lymphocyte [‘killer T cell’]) activity to eliminate highly infectious progeny virus before it massively adsorbs onto” upper respiratory tract-resident dendritic cells.

Vanden Bossche’s final points highlighted the negative impacts of mass vaccination in general and mRNA vaccines in particular:

“It is crucial to understand that both the enhancement of viral infection and enhanced intrinsic viral infectiousness directly result from collective immune pressure placed on viral infectivity as a consequence of mass vaccination. This population-level immune pressure has driven natural selection and the (co-)circulation of more infectious immune escape variants.

“… Neither MIS-C [multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children] nor WLS justifies C-19 vaccination for children, as C-19 vaccines, particularly mRNA vaccines, promote the sidelining of the child’s cell-based innate immune system.”

Coleman: The possible role of the ‘mammalian stress mechanism’

Coleman, chair of the science and education board of the American Institute of Stress — founded by the father of stress theory Hans Selye (1907-1982) — offered his theoretical framework for how the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA vaccines causes hyperactivity of the mammalian stress mechanism that manifests as white lung syndrome.

The summary that follows is a greatly simplified take on a highly complex process, based on Coleman’s discussions with The Defender and his writings.

The mammalian stress mechanism governs physiology, including breathing, blood flow, heart function, digestion, excretion, immune activity, hormone release, tissue maintenance and tissue repair.

The vascular endothelium is the focus of stress mechanism activity. It is a selectively permeable layer of highly specialized cells, one cell thick, which lines the inner walls of all blood vessels and is the sole constituent of capillaries. The blood-brain barrier is an example of this vascular endothelium specialization.

SARSMERS and other weaponized versions of the coronavirus disrupt the vascular endothelium, increasing the “leakage” of tissue factor from extravascular tissues (connective tissues, fat, muscle, organ tissues, etc.) into flowing blood and through several complex interactions, altering the way thrombinsoluble fibrin and insoluble fibrin (all clotting factors) are generated.

The excessive and/or defective production of these three products, plus depletion of their building blocks, explains the harmful manifestations of disease, including inflammation and blood coagulability, tissue edema, organ dysfunction, pus, fever and so forth.

When the mRNA vaccines are injected into the body, they hijack the cells of the vascular endothelium to replicate themselves, propagate throughout the body, and disrupt organs and tissues.

Coleman theorized that mRNA injections are causing sudden death in young athletes by inducing disseminated intravascular coagulation — abnormal clotting together with bleeding problems due to depletion of clotting reserves — in small peripheral arteries, which disrupts oxygen transport and delivery. 

Vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet levels that can cause excessive bruising and bleeding) and thrombosis (blood clots) — when occurring together sometimes called vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) — have been well documented.

According to Coleman, the white color that appears on the X-rays of children with white lung syndrome is soluble fibrin — a protein that normally facilitates tissue repair — but when produced in excess invades organs and tissues, causing edema (swelling) that disrupts organ function. In the lungs, soluble fibrin protein creates a structure that allows pus and fluids to attach and accumulate, disrupting our ability to breathe.

“Stress mechanism activity is exaggerated by COVID immunizations and exposures to the weaponized coronavirus,” Coleman said, “and when a person subsequently gets exposed to some other type of viruses like a pulmonary virus, then the lungs … become inflamed, their permeability increases and fibrin starts to infiltrate the lungs.”

This process is called extravascular fibrin deposition, a normal part of the tissue repair process but when hyperactivated can lead to an acute inflammatory response. On X-rays, fibrin has a hazy appearance similar to what has been observed in white lung syndrome.

The opportunistic viruses reported with white lung syndrome have an “exaggerated effect they wouldn’t ordinarily have,” Coleman said, because mammalian stress mechanism hyperactivity is determined by the sum total of the various stresses “attacking us from all directions.”

Coleman attributed children’s susceptibility to white lung syndrome to their level of vitality, causing increased reactivity to stressors — not just the spike protein, but other environmental toxins as well.

Coleman and his colleagues at the American Institute of Stress believe the discovery of the mammalian stress mechanism may represent the most important advance in medical theory in a generation, but he admits his work challenges many of the assumptions of current medical-scientific consensus.

Watch experts discuss white lung syndrome on ‘Good Morning CHD’: