Top Doctors Plead For Deadly Covid Jabs To Be Removed From Market In Address To UK Parliament

Top Doctors Plead For Deadly Covid Jabs To Be Removed From Market In Address To UK Parliament

In video messages played before for the British Parliament on Monday, some of the world’s top doctors issued warnings to the politicians about the deadly Covid-19 jabs that have been pushed on the public.

British MP Andrew Bridgen hosted the event to share with fellow poiticians information that has been censored or withheld by the Big Tech and mainstream media gatekeepers.

InfoWars reports: Texas cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough delivered a video message to the UK politicians, stating the Covid shots have created alarming increases in excess mortality in America and the UK.

The doctor even suggested data is showing the jabs actually killed more people than the engineered Chinese Covid-19 virus.

“The vaccine is worse than the infection itself in terms of injuring the population,” he asserted, calling on the UK politicians to “do the right thing” by removing the shots from the market and to “do an investigation” into the mRNA “vaccines.”

Dr. Robert Malone, a physician and scientist involved in the creation of mRNA technology, appeared in person to address the politicians.

Dr. Malone told the body the gene therapy “vaccination” technology was advanced on short notice due to the Covid-19 virus and that the shots “never should have been authorized.”The doctor detailed for several minutes how health professionals and the masses were lied to by the medical establishment about the safety and testing of the jabs.

See the video below where Bridgen and some of the doctors who spoke to Parliament discussed their reasons for testifying:

According to entrepeneur and Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund founder Steve Kirsch, the 17 MPs who attended the conference were left feeling they’d been “fooled by the medical community.”

Kirsch also shared a message from Bridgen claiming many of the MPs in attendence expressed thanks to the doctors and scientists following the presentation.

This is a great example of why the free flow of information is critical for the people and elected officials to make the right decisions.

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon filmed a video message to be aired during the presentation but a technological error wouldn’t allow the clip to be played.

The doctor shared his full speech transcript via THAIMBC News: