CIA Insiders Admit Agency Retrieved ‘Intact’ Alien UFOs

CIA Insiders Admit Agency Retrieved ‘Intact’ Alien UFOs

The CIA has recovered at least nine alien UFOs, two of them “completely intact,” according to three agency whistleblowers.

The sources, who were all briefed on top secret operations, told the Daily Mail newspaper that the main player in the retrievals has been the Office of Global Access (OGA), a branch of the CIA Science and Technology Directorate established in 2003.

“There’s at least nine vehicles. There were different circumstances for different ones,” one of the CIA agents said. “It has to do with the physical condition they’re in. If it crashes, there’s a lot of damage done. Others, two of them, are completely intact.” reports: The CIA has a system to detect unidentified flying objects (UFO) “while they’re still cloaked” and helps special US military units salvage the wreckage if “non-human craft” land, crash, or are brought down, the source added.

Another anonymous source described the OGA’s role as “basically a facilitator” for US operatives to access areas where they would normally not be allowed.

“They are very clever at being able to get anywhere in the world they want to,” the second source said.

Most of OGA’s operations involve “stray nuclear weapons, downed satellites or adversaries’ technology,” according to the Mail, but some missions have involved retrieval of UFOs – or as the US government now prefers to call them, “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” (UAP).

The task at hand is simply to get it into custody and protect the secrecy of it,” one source said. “The actual physical retrieval is by the military. But it’s not kept under military control, because they have to keep too many records. So they start moving it out fairly quickly into private hands.”

Two of the sources said that the OGA coordinates with Delta Force or SEAL teams working under the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), or the Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST), to recover the potentially alien craft. 

“We have nothing for you on this,” JSOC said in a written response to the British outlet. A NEST spokesperson said that the agency’s personnel “encounter materials from unknown origins on a regular basis,” but have “never encountered any material related to UAP.”

One of the sources described the CIA as the “portfolio manager” of the UFO “crash retrieval operation.” Recovered radioactive materials are sent to national laboratories run by the Department of Energy, while “aerospace-defense industry” contractors handle “other non-radioactive material – and intact craft,” the source claimed.

After three military and intelligence whistleblowers testified about the UFO retrieval program to US Congress in July, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sponsored a bill that would require the government to disclose “recovered technologies of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence.” This UAP Disclosure Act was adopted as part of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act in September.