Tucker Carlson with Steve Bannon on the Migration Crisis in the West (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson with Steve Bannon on the Migration Crisis in the West (VIDEO)  Ep. 41 Dublin in flames
Ep. 41 Dublin in flames Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon discuss the immigration crisis in Ireland, the EU, and the United States in Episode 41 of Tucker on X.

Five people, including three children, were stabbed near a school in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday by a suspect whose identity has not yet been released.

Three children and two adults were taken to a nearby hospital with stab wounds. One child was in critical condition.

The perpetrator is an Algerian immigrant who has lived in the country for several years.

Following the stabbing, Dubliners rioted in the downtown and set the Holiday Inn Express on fire in Dublin where migrants were being held.

On Monday night Tucker Carlson released Episode 41 of his Tucker on X series.

Tucker invited Steve Bannon on to discuss the situation in Dublin, Ireland and the migrant invasion in Europe and the United States.

On the rioting in Ireland last wekend.

Steve Bannon: Viktor Orban has led this fight for years and has tried to get his country, the sovereignty of it, to stay away from what’s happening in Germany and places like Ireland. Ireland’s probably one of the worst, if not the worst, because the political class has totally sold out the people. They’ve had, I think, 125,000 immigrants in the last year. That is the same equivalent if all of Joe Biden’s 9 million illegal alien invaders here in our country all came within one year. That’s the impact it’s had on Ireland. And they’re all on the public dole. There’s been 100,000 Ukrainians in, what, 18 months or 20 months since the war started. 100,000 Ukrainians, all on the public dole, all paid for out of the Irish budget. Now, some of that money is given by the EU, but the Irish politicians are by far the worst that are bought off by the EU. They’re the biggest globalists. They’ve sold out the sovereignty of the Irish. And you’re seeing a natural blowback and you’re really seeing it among working class people in the cities, irish nationals, Irish citizens whose family have been there for generations and generations and generations and have nothing to show for it and also in the rural communities.

On the goals of the race-hating globalists.

Tucker Carlson: It does seem like there’s race hate at the bottom of it. I can’t think of a better explanation. I mean, there have been wars in know, sort of every week for my entire life, and no one’s saying, we’ve got too many Africans in Nigeria. Let’s replace them with Indians or something. No one would even think to say that. But poor Ireland, which didn’t really do anything wrong on the world stage that I’m aware of, is, I mean, in 100 years, there’ll be a minority of Irish people in Ireland. That’s a big change and it’s on purpose.

On dealing with the illegal aliens in the country.

Steve Bannon: My belief is those people have to go home. They have to be returned, they have to leave our country, or we’re not going to have a country… It’s happening every day in the country is bad enough. And if you stand up to it, you’re called a nativist, a xenophobe, a racist, a domestic terrorist, violent extremist. But if you even start to bring up what’s going to happen for a solution like in midtown Manhattan where you have to empty out the Roosevelt Hotel and those folks have to go home, it’s going to get ten times worse. And so I hope people that watch your show appreciate the fact, particularly maybe people that are not that political, that we’re going to have not just turbulence, we’re going to have a firestorm in this country that is going to pale in comparison, I think, to what you saw in Ireland last week.

On the purposeful destruction of America.

Tucker Carlson: I mean, if you’re born in a country where your ancestors were also born and you’ve paid your taxes and obeyed the laws and participated in civic life, voted, volunteered, sent your kids to school, supported the schools, I think it’s fair to call it your country, right? And if your government, which hates you, lets in tens of millions of people illegally and then pays for their lives, it’s fair to say your country is being stolen from you, is it not? Or am I missing something?

On the scale of the invasion.

Steve Bannon: On D-Day in 1944, there was 150,000 men that hit the beach that day, right. And that’s looked at as the biggest military maneuver, military movement in American history. 150,000 men. We have almost two times that every month coming across the border. We have equivalent of 35 combat divisions, combat division being about 10,000 men. The scale of this is incredible, and there’s no discussion about it. And obviously they make everything just like every Maoist revolution or every Marxist revolution, focus on breaking the nuclear family and to make sure in this country, quite frankly, that people can’t reproduce with anything like the replacement population, the number 2.1% or 2.1 children per family. And they not just welcome in. They have created a system and they gamed an entire asylum system which was set up to prevent this, that you, just because of economic necessity, are wanting a better life, which are wonderful things. And I don’t blame the people coming up. If I was now in that situation, I would, too. But that’s not what our asylum system and immigration system was supposed to do.