Cardi B Turns on Biden: ‘If Something Happens to Me, It’s Because I’m Speaking Truth’

Cardi B Turns on Biden: ‘If Something Happens to Me, It’s Because I’m Speaking Truth’

Rapper Cardi B slammed President Joe Biden after New York City announced a 5 percent budget cut to public services.

The former Biden advocate slammed the president in a 0-minute live session on Instagram, vowing to never endorse another aspiring president.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, responded to the news that y New York City Mayor Eric Adams would be cutting 5 percent from much-needed services in the Big Apple to deal with the migrant crisis.

The budget cut affects the following:


Public libraries



In a statement released on November 16, Adams said:

“For months, we have warned New Yorkers about the challenging fiscal situation our city faces.”

“To balance the budget as the law requires, every city agency dug into their own budget to find savings, with minimal disruption to services.

“And while we pulled it off this time, make no mistake: Migrant costs are going up, tax revenue growth is slowing, and COVID stimulus funding is drying up.”

“No city should be left to handle a national humanitarian crisis largely on its own, and without the significant and timely support we need from Washington, D.C., today’s budget will be only the beginning.”

Cardi B reacted angrily to the news on Instagram, saying:

“I’m an angry b**** right now… I need y’all to spread this video, and if something happens to me, it’s because I’m speaking the truth.”

“In New York, there is a $120 million budget cut in New York that’s going to affect schools, public libraries, and the police department,” she said.

“And a $5 million budget cut in sanitation,” she went on.

“B, we are going to be drowning in f** rats.”


“I’m not endorsing no f president no more,” the Cardi B vowed, reffering to Biden.

She also charged that Biden “can fund two wars while budget are taking place.”

The rapper was referring to the billions Biden has pledged to Israel and Ukraine for military aid amid the ongoing wars.

Noting her own wealth, Cardi B said she was lucky” and “blessed” but added, “What’s going to happen to my nieces? What’s going to happen to nephews? What’s going to happen to my cousins, aunts, and my friends that’s living in the hood.”

She also suggested a solution to the wars, advising those in the government to “sit the f* down with these people and find an agreement… We can’t fund no f**** wars. We can’t.”

“Y’all [are] doing budget cuts on the biggest city in the United States,” Cardi B said.

“This s*** is getting out of hand. They don’t want to say the word, but we’re going through a recession right now.”

She went on to tell her 169 million Instagram followers that they face similar budget cuts across the U.S.

“Little by little, it’s gonna go [on] in y’all states,” she warned.

Calling out internet users’ focus on “celebrity drama,” Cardi B said, “that’s little compared [to] what’s going on right now. The world is in f shambles.”

“These leaders, they don’t have our best interests [at heart],” she concluded.

“I’m always gonna speak for the people.”

Cardi B’s rant was shared on X and has garnered over 14 million views.