Tucker Shocked By Learning New Revelation About George Soros During Trip To Spain

Tucker Shocked By Learning New Revelation About George Soros During Trip To Spain  Tucker Carlson Ep. 40

Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn Spain’s socialist leader first met with George Soros after he was elected.

Carlson spoke with Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, about the ongoing protests happening in Spain. Thousands have taken to the streets in protest of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s plan to give amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for their political support.

“One of the things that Spain has in common with other Western countries that are becoming less democratic is the involvement of George Soros, who is a major player in Spanish politics. Why would George Soros, who is not Spanish, has no connection to Spain that I’m aware of, be involved to the degree he is in Spanish politics?” Carlson asked.

“George Soros is Hungarian,” Abascal said. “Not only is he unloved in Hungary, he’s not well regarded in other countries around the world, because he tries to exert his influence. George Soros was the first person to meet with the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, when he was elected. I questioned Pedro Sánchez instead –”

“I’m sorry, George Soros was the first person to meet with the newly elected left-wing Spanish president? George Soros?” Carlson asked, obviously shocked.

“Exactly,” Abascal said. “That’s the news that was published in Spain and the government has denied it. When I questioned President Sánchez about that meeting he never answered before Parliament, he has never answered clearly. They admire people like that. There is this curious alliance between the extreme left and global multi-millionaires. It is a strange alliance for this left-wing that has been anti-globalization but which now joins  forces with the multi-millionaires who want to rule the world, and want to tell us how to live our lives while they live like kings.”

Carlson then noted how one of the things Soros has pushed for is mass immigration, asking Abascal whether mass immigration is something that Spaniards want.

Abascal said that despite political affiliations, the vast majority of Spaniards are against mass immigration and want immediate deportations. Abascal said, however, that the media and political portrayal of the issue in Spain is different from the reality of Spaniards.

“Anyone who wants immigration to be legal and orderly is called a xenophobe.”

The duo also talked about the ongoing protests, the threats to democracy and censorship.

Protesters argue that Sánchez is ignoring the rule of law in order to make political gains, according to Reuters. Sánchez attempted to create his own cabinet and in order to do so he needs seven votes from the Catalan separatist party that started a coup and tried to break away in 2017. Catalan’s leader, Carles Puigdemont, fled to Belgium to avoid being tried. Others involved, who have already been convicted, would also be granted amnesty. Sánchez said he’s willing to grant amnesty in order to get new votes and hold onto power.