INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion

INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion

The Biden administration faced backlash last month for giving Iran access to their frozen funds, which many agree was directly linked to the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Despite the escalating war in the Middle East and fears of a looming WW3, the Biden Admin wants to give Iran another $10 Billion.

Not only is giving a country hellbent on destroying Israel, but it’s also a major international security risk.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The waiver would extend the multibillion-dollar sanctions relief first issued in July that expires tomorrow. It allows Iraq to transfer frozen electricity payments into Iranian-owned bank accounts in Europe and Oman.

The waiver renewal is driving concerns that the Biden administration is maintaining financial avenues for Tehran as the country’s terrorist proxies foment chaos across the Middle East.

“The world is living in a post-Oct. 7 world, but the White House is still running an Oct. 6 policy toward Iran,” Richard Goldberg, a senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and sanctions expert who previously served on the White House National Security Council, told the Washington Free Beacon.

“Why should Iran have any access to more than $10 billion after sponsoring one of the worst terrorist attacks against American citizens and the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust?”

“It would make more sense to freeze all of these accounts and keep every penny out of Tehran’s hands.”

While the current administration paused a $6 billion ransom payment to Iran, the Iraq-Europe-Oman sanctions waiver would signal the US is still trying to provide financial relief to the regime.

On Monday, Iranian military officials warned that the Gaza war has already “spilled over into neighboring Lebanon and may even widen in scope” as Hezbollah fighters become more active in the conflict.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that civilians were injured after Hezbollah launched anti-tank missiles from Lebanon.

Six employees from the Israel Electric Corporation were injured, with one seriously, according to reports.

The anti-tank missiles were launched by Hezbollah less than half a mile from the border with Lebanon.

The IDF immediately responded to the fire, targeting an artillery attack on the source of the launch.

The IDF also hit a terror cell, which they say was plotting further strikes on Israeli targets.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said on X:

“Terrorists launched anti-tank missiles at the Dubov area a short time ago.

“Several civilians were injured as a result of the shooting. IDF forces attacked the sources of the shooting with artillery.

“In addition, IDF forces recently attacked a launch squad that planned to fire from a civilian area in Lebanese territory.”