Obama Outed As ‘Shadow President’ Secretly Orchestrating Hamas-Israel False Flag

Obama Outed As ‘Shadow President’ Secretly Orchestrating Hamas-Israel False Flag

NBC News has admitted that Barack Obama has been secretly operating as America’s ‘shadow President’ for the last three years, illegally serving a third term in the White House.

According to an explosive report, Obama has been secretly overseeing the Biden administration, heightening concerns the ex-President is actually the secret commander-in-chief with his former VP operating as a frontman.

Should we really be surprised? The disastrous results of the Biden presidency are far worse than anything that could be cooked up by an incompetent old man with dementia.

Make no mistake, the economy has been expertly tampered with, and the world has been pushed to the brink of World War 3 by hidden hands. There is an arsonist in the White House and he has left his fingerprints all over the crime scene.

Obama warned us years ago that he planned out his “third term” meticulously, right down to the details of the arrangement with his stand-in or frontman.

In 2023, as the economy burns and the world is in flames, we are seeing the fruits of Obama’s labors.

As Kari Lake told Steve Bannon this week, Obama created ISIS. Trump destroyed them. Now Joe Biden, in his frontman role, is funding Hamas.

Kari Lake could not be more right. Nobody has more blood on their hands than Barack Hussein Obama. And Trump did not get the credit he deserved for destroying Obama’s pet terrorist organization.

While liberals and the mainstream media were outraged by Kari Lake’s bold statement, she could have gone even further. Obama does not just have blood on his hands from his time in the White House, he is now a terrorist mastermind orchestrating events from the comfort of his basement.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? Nobody in Obama’s graduating class at Columbia University can remember him. Many of them swear he was not a student at the university at all.

The truth is slowly emerging about the man whose whole identity was created by shadowy three-letter agencies on behalf of the globalist elite.

Obama has a long history of using international terror groups to dictate world events, create false flags, and control the masses by terrorizing them into submission.

Tulsi Gabbard went to Syria on a secret fact-finding mission in 2016 to wade through the lies and propaganda and find out what was really happening on the ground. The then-Democrat Congresswoman came back to America with some shocking news.

The Obama administration was funding and supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Brave Tulsi completely dismantled CNN’s fake news narrative and set the record straight.

But she could have gone even further. The Obama administration was not just supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East – these terror groups were actually created by the CIA to help the globalists achieve their goals.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush and Cheney are all deeply implicated and we have all the evidence required to find them guilty of crimes against humanity in a court of law.

Globalists used US intelligence agencies to create terror groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda out of whole cloth to terrorize the world into submission.

Those who know their history know the CIA recruited, funded, armed and trained Osama bin Laden back in the 1980s. He was always their boogieman.

What is less well known is that Obama continued using bin Laden for political theater until the very end.

Seymour Hersh, the man who revealed the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up by Biden, revealed that everything we were told by Obama about Osama’s death was a lie.