Rep. James Comer Says The Bidens Will Be Subpoenaed In A Matter Of Days

Rep. James Comer Says The Bidens Will Be Subpoenaed In A Matter Of Days

Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Rep, James Comer has made an regarding the investigation into Joe Biden’s shady financial dealings.

During a recemt interview with Lou Dobbs on The Great America Show, the Kentucky rep said ‘it’s a matter of days’ before the Bidens’ are served as he is nearing a subpoena over Hunter’s influence peddling scheme.

Last month, Republicans revealed a separate $200,000 personal check from James Biden to Joe Biden and earlier this week, the Oversight Committee released further damning information on how Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered China money.

TGP reports: Comer stated during the interview that the House Oversight Committee has already subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s bank records, which have provided direct evidence that Joe Biden himself benefited financially from his family’s operations. Although the process has been arduous due to the large number of bank accounts associated with shell companies linked to the Biden crime family.

“We’ve subpoenaed his bank records and we’ve gotten almost all the bank records in and during the process of giving us more. It’s been a long process because Lou he has so many bank accounts, he would have one shell company with a dozen bank accounts, which shows you your business guy. Lou, I grew up watching you on CNN and other business shows. Hey, this is a legitimate business. This is a scam. They had different accounts. They laundered money,” said Comer.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Committee also drew attention to another payment of $200,000 from James Biden to Joe Biden, which came from Americore, a now-defunct healthcare company.

The House Oversight Committee has no IRS records or loan documents confirming the $200,000 check Jim Biden wrote to his brother Joe Biden in 2018 was a ‘loan repayment.’

House Oversight Chairman James Comer is now demanding IRS records and applicable loan documents proving Joe Biden loaned his brother James money.

Jim Biden wrote the check to Joe Biden as a so-called “loan repayment.” Does Joe Biden have documents proving he lent his brother such a large sum of money? “What were the terms?” Comer asked.

With the bank records in their possession, the Oversight Committee is now inching closer to bringing in the Bidens for questioning, and Comer believes that it will only be a matter of days until the Bidens are served with subpoenas.

“Because we got these bank accounts, then we’re very close to bringing in the Biden. I would say it’s a matter of days before they get served,” said Comer.

“We needed to have the bank records because now if we didn’t have those bank records, we couldn’t say. Jim Biden, what is this, $200,000 check to your brother, Joe Biden? No one knew about that. Can we got the bank record. So we built up a case. And I think that we just about got enough bank records to where we can bring them in and ask them specific questions with specific hard evidence in the form of bank statements,” Comer added