Obama Orders Israel to Practice Restraint, X Users Remind Him What He Did as President

Obama Orders Israel to Practice Restraint, X Users Remind Him What He Did as President

Former President Barack Obama was roasted on X following the release of a letter telling Israel to practice restraint in their ongoing conflict with Hamas.

While the letter began expressing solidarity with Israel, it quickly shifted gears to warn Israel about its strategies for defending itself.

In a statement Monday, Obama wrote:

“As I stated in an earlier post, Israel has a right to defend its citizens against such wanton violence, and I fully support President Biden’s call for the United States to support our long-time ally in going after Hamas, dismantling its military capabilities, and facilitating the safe return of hundreds of hostages to their families.”

“But even as we support Israel, we should also be clear that how Israel prosecutes this fight against Hamas matters,” Obama said.

“Still, the world is watching closely as events in the region unfold, and any Israeli military strategy that ignores the human costs could ultimately backfire.”

“Already, thousands of Palestinians have been killed in the bombing of Gaza, many of them children. Hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes.”

“The Israeli government’s decision to cut off food, water and electricity to a captive civilian population threatens not only to worsen a growing humanitarian crisis.”

“It could further harden Palestinian attitudes for generations, erode global support for Israel, play into the hands of Israel’s enemies, and undermine long-term efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region.”

However, critics pointed out the irony in Obama’s statements.

Conservative influencer, Collin Rugg, wrote:

“That’s rich coming from someone who dropped over 26,000 bombs in a single year.” Obama’s call for restraint from Israel comes hallowed by many people given his aggressive military actions during his own presidency.

Jeff Carlson wrote:

“How about these thoughts.”

“This is your war. You funded Iran. You created Sunset Clauses that ended the international arms embargo imposed on Iran. And you’re still controlling the Biden Administration.”

“The most divisive, destructive president this country has been subjected to.”

Another user simply posted an images of Trump’s records of zero wars during his presidency: