Top Microbiologist Calls mRNA Injections ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Top Microbiologist Calls mRNA Injections ‘Crime Against Humanity’  Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a retired University of Mainz professor of microbiology

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a retired University of Mainz professor of microbiology, has emphasized the dangers of RNA vaccines and their potential to cause genetic mutations in the host.

He called on people and doctors worldwide to decide where they stand on the issue of compliance with DNA-contaminated mRNA injections.

Bhakdi’s segment on a three-and-a-half hour video was devoted to explaining the workings of mRNA injections, with specific focus on the recently discovered plasmid DNA that they contain.

Bhakdi claimed that not only is this plasmid DNA present, but it can indeed cause genetic mutation in the host.

These mutations can be inherited, meaning that the children of those receiving the injections can be subjected to genetic modification without being injected themselves, and without consent.

The genome is the entire set of DNA instructions in the cell, packaged in the chromosomes – the “books of life” – which are kept safe in the cell nucleus.

When a “recipe” for a product is required, the “book” is opened at the right page and a copy is made from the recipe.

This recipe is sent to the manufacturing site – the “bakery” – in the cell.

The cake is placed for inspection on the windowsill of the cell.

Having fulfilled its purpose, the copied recipe – which is mRNA – is disposed of. Naturally occurring mRNA is short-lived.

RNA “vaccines” direct the production of selected antigens, like the spike protein, with more than one billion copies of this spike protein recipe being administered with each injection.

Mass production of mRNA requires mass availability of the DNA template.

The injections contain billions and trillions of minute bacterial chromosomes – called plasmids – which are packaged in lipid nanoparticles – tiny fatty globules – that protect the injected RNA from destruction so it can “travel in the bloodstream to reach all organs of the body.”

When delivered to the body’s organs, these nanoparticles act as “Trojan horses.”

They are taken up by the cell, and the recipe produces their product, which is then displayed on the windowsill. What everyone must know is that outside the cell, security guards are on the watch.”

Bhakdi pointed out the danger of foreign plasmid DNA being introduced into the body.

All is well when the recipe is produced from one’s own book of life – one’s own genome.

But woe if the recipe originates from an alien book” – as it does in the mRNA vaccines. If this happens, the body’s “security guards” – our immune system – will attack that cell.

Bhakdi cited the example of organ rejection, where “non-self” organs are routinely rejected, even within the same species (of humans). If this intrusion is repeated, an “explosive reaction follows – fast and furious.”

This principle at work, which explains the intensifying and worsening adverse effects following repeated mRNA injections or “booster” shots.

Bhakdi also pointed out that if plasmid DNA was not removed prior to the vaccines being packaged for use, it would be delivered into the cells of the vaccinated.

The result would then be the plasmid DNA altering the “book of life” with its own “recipe.” In brief, this means genetic modification of the vaccinated without their knowledge or consent.

Bhakdi noted that injuries such as vascular damage, blood clots, bleeding and tissue death even in the heart, and brain, and damage to the autoimmune system are all likely to result.