Elon Musk backs Viktor Orbán on X over EU’s ‘failed’ migration pact


Elon Musk responds to a post from Viktor Orbán about the failure of the EU’s migration pact

Elon Musk backs Viktor Orbán on X over EU’s ‘failed’ migration pact

Elon Musk posted on his platform X, formerly, Twitter, in support of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after Orbán posted a clip of his speech to the Hungarian National Assembly in which he describes soaring violence committed by migrants and the failure of the EU to fix the problem.

Orbán’s post stated that “migrant violence is on the rise. Three nights ago, a joint Hungarian-Serbian border patrol came under fire from automatic weapons.” He further wrote: “With this, migrants have crossed the Rubicon. It’s time to face the facts: the Brussels migration pact has failed.”

Musk responded to Orbán’s post, writing, “Absolutely, it is unequivocally clear.”

The EU’s migration pact has been sharply rejected by Hungary and Poland, as it does little to promote border security while at the same time forcing mandatory migrant quotas on member states.

Musk, who is currently the richest man in the world, previously also shared Viktor Orbán’s interview with Tucker Carlson, which garnered 110 million views. The posts exemplify Orbán’s growing reach, not just outside of Hungary but all of Europe, where many of his views and policies are being met warmly by a wide variety of influencers and politicians.

Musk himself has been increasingly outspoken on a range of controversial issues that are either underreported or labeled taboo by the dominant left-liberal narrative, such as the ongoing discrimination and outright murder directed against Whites in South Africa.