CDC: Vaccinated at Higher Risk from Covid Than Unvaxxed

CDC: Vaccinated at Higher Risk from Covid Than Unvaxxed

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that Americans who have received mRNA shots for Covid are now at a higher risk of infection from new variants of the virus than those who are unvaccinated.

The CDC quietly made the damning admission in an update on its guidance regarding newly emerging variants of Covid.

The update comes as Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration appears to be preparing to bring back Covid lockdownsmasking, and vaccine mandates as the critical 2024 approaches, despite the pandemic being over.

The health agency issued the update in response to the BA.2.86 Covid variant.

Responding to reports about the variant, the CDC published the “Risk Assessment Summary for SARS CoV-2 Sublineage BA.2.86.”

However, according to the notice, people who have been vaccinated are more likely to catch the new variant than someone who has never been vaccinated or had Covid.

It states that the new variant “may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines.”

The admission is a major blow to the “safe and effective” propagandists who pressured the public to take the shots.

The news is especially significant for those who have suffered serious side effects, or even died, from the shots.

Since the rollout of the shots, reports of sudden deathsblood clotsheart complications, and other major complications have been soaring.

And, according to the CDC, who previously claimed that questioning the safety of the shots is “disinformation,” vaxxed Americans are now at an increased risk of infection.

Yet, despite the acknowledgment from the CDC, the federal agency is still pushing for the public to get vaccinated.

The CDC insists that the new 2024 election vaccines will definitely do their job when they’re rolled out later this month.

“This updated vaccine will be effective at reducing severe disease and hospitalization,” the CDC claims.

Alarmingly, the CDC makes this claim while simultaneously stating that “scientists are [still] evaluating the effectiveness of the forthcoming, updated COVID-19 vaccine.”

The CDC’s risk assessment states:

The CDC’s risk assessment

The CDC’s admission comes just a month after the Cleveland Clinic released the results of a study that showed that a higher number of COVID-19 vaccine doses received increases the risk of infection with COVID-19.