Here are a couple suggestions of the DO’S and DON’T’S of that I wanted to mention to your reader

1- Never Pay For The Girl Up Front

Unless you are going through a professional service. This is your business transaction, and if you pay her without doing what you want first, then she has the control over you. And as I have found, paying her first can lead to her not providing the “services” you agreed upon.

2- Fun First – Everything Else Later…Including The Sex

I say this because my focus was on the wrong thing and not the right one. Now, for the rest of the trip, this is what I need to be reminded of and do.

[GoT: What he means by this is, sex shouldn’t be your sole reason for visiting Thailand. Relax and enjoy your vacation. Sex is a given. If sex wasn’t an option, ask yourself why you would visit Thailand. Then do it! Example, beaches, great food, adventure activities, etc…]

3- ‘UP TO YOU’

Remember you are the customer and you should be satisfied with every sexual encounter. Early in Bangkok, several places lost that feel. If a potential nightly companion cannot say and mean this before you take her out, PASS and find another one – because there are thousands just like her.

4. The GFE or Girlfriend Experience

Is what makes this such an incredible trip. For me taking a girl out and banging her for 1 or 2 hours or more, is not what this is about. Most men could stay at home for that.

Hope your readers find this useful. Off to another great day in Thailand.