Okay, this probably won’t happen to you during your first trip to Thailand, but it’s damn sure to happen during your second or third trip.

One day in the near future you’ll check your phone and receive the message from a beautiful Thai girl:



“I love you”

You will think to yourself, “WTF, I’ve only known her for one week.  What’s with this I love you stuff…”

During your quest to answer this question, many possible answers may come to mind…

Is it because she wants money?

Is it because she is playing some game?

Is it the cultural difference that they “fall in love so fast”?

Or could be that she doesn’t understand the actual meaning of those words?

This has been one of those mysteries that have gone unsolved for the last two years until recently. 

Many before me have pondered this question and most were just as clueless as I.  That was until I started brining this question to the Thais that understood western and eastern culture.

The type of men and women who were born in Thailand, educated in western countries, and returned to Thailand to start businesses / act / model / etc…

The overwhelming response is this:

When Thai women use the words, “I Love You”, it doesn’t mean the same as when a foreigner says it.  To Thai women, this is the equivalent of saying,

I have a huge crush on you


I like you a lot


I think you are special and want you to be mine

So when you hear those words, don’t run for the hills thinking she wants to immediately get married.  It’s just a Thai form of expressing puppy love.

Anyways, this mystery has gone unsolved in my circle of friends for years.  Finally the Kings of Thailand can check that off the list!