Pattaya Dolphin World


Pattaya Dolphin World

Pattaya Dolphin World Show

Renowned and beloved all over the world and widely recognized as one the world’s smartest creatures, dolphins are very popular with young and old alike. In Thailand, certain species of dolphins are native to the Mekong River in the north of the country, but by and large those who want to see dolphins in the land of smiles need to go to a zoo or aquarium, or Pattaya’s Dolphin World.

Dolphin World hosts an incredible show where these majestic creatures perform a variety of tricks and display their skills, some of which are truly impressive. The show itself is about one hour long, and features commentary in both Thai and English from dolphin experts.

The commentary is very informative, and lets guests learn a little more about dolphins, including how they are trained, their diet and more. Guests can sit on a decently comfortable concrete grandstand with tiered seating allowing everyone a clear view, although older guests or just those who value comfort highly may want to bring a pillow or something soft to sit on. In terms of pricing, the tickets for the Pattaya Dolphin Show are around 500 baht for foreigners and 200 baht for Thais.

Animal Shows in Pattaya

In addition to the show, visitors might want to take part in some of the other activities available on site, including a fishing pond, a children’s playground and more. There is also a restaurant which offers flavorful Thai dishes at competitive prices. For those who really want an adventure, guests have the option to pay a little bit extra and have the chance to swim with the dolphins, holding on to their fin as the dolphin drags them through the water, giving guests a new appreciation of the speed and power of these incredible animals.