Pattaya Alcazar Cabaret Show


Alcazar Ladyboy Cabaret Show Pattaya

Thailand is known for a great many things, such as its fine beaches, delicious cuisine, friendly people and much more.

Pattaya Alcazar Cabaret Show

However, it is also renowned for the large number of transvestites, or ladyboys (katoey in Thai). Visitors to Thailand will surely notice this third gender, as it’s sometimes known, right away when they visit for the first time. Perhaps not so much in the rural parts of the countryside, but when one is in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya the presence of ladyboys is very obvious. Most people find the whole idea somewhat amusing to a degree, and shows put on by casts of ladyboys can be very popular. There are several such shows in Pattaya, and one of the most famous can be found at the Alcazar Cabaret.

The Alcazar Cabaret show has frequent runs, with shows starting at 6pm, 8pm and 9:30pm every day of the week. On Saturdays, there is also an additional show at 11pm for those having a late night out. Tickets are fairly inexpensive, around 500 to 600 baht for foreigners depending on where they sit, and about half that price for Thais.

The theater itself is very nice. It is in impressively good shape despite being just over 30 years old, and offers show-goers cool and comfortable seating in a modern atmosphere. With just over 1200 seats, it is also quite large. The sets and costumes are also very high quality and really add to the overall production, making it truly an experience.

Like other ladyboy cabarets, the Alcazar Cabaret show features a little bit of everything, as the 400 performers engage in a variety of bits and skits. Physical comedy is common, as is singing and dancing, as well as impersonations and humorous commentary on daily life and Thailand. The subject matter is a little bit adult but in general is not too raucous.

A common saying amongst those who are familiar with the show and its many competitors is that Tiffany’s might have the most beautiful ladyboys but the Alcazar cabaret is the best show in terms of entertainment quality. Instead of the humor coming only from the transvestite nature of the performers, the show at Alcazar is genuinely funny.

The musical numbers are big and cover a wide variety of musical styles, providing a little something for everyone. Although some might be turned off by the idea, those with an open mind will find Alcazar Cabaret show a funny and enjoyable experience and one unique to Thailand.