Bangkok Floating Market in Thailand


Bangkok Floating Market in Thailand

Ask about floating markets in Thailand and the name that usually comes up first is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, located about 60 km from the capital Bangkok in Ratchaburi province. Tours to the market are readily available from Bangkok through tour operators and at many hotel tour desks, making for an interesting day excursion into the Thai countryside with a glimpse into some traditional lifestyle and culture.

Bangkok Floating Market in Thailand

The importance of floating markets in Thai and Indochinese culture comes from the many rivers, canals and wet flat plains common throughout the region and the subsequent use of boats for transport, business and social means. A prime example of this is the floating market, where merchants and customers sell and buy fruit, vegetables and other products on the water in small boats and stalls.

This Beautiful, fascinating scene is what’s on offer at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, where local vendors paddle their boats laden with colourful produce along the khlong (canal). The market is open from the very early morning and there are two ways to experience it – from a pier alongside the khlong with vendors paddling their boats up to you, or by hiring a small boat of your own with a boatman to paddle you between the vendor boats and stalls lining the khlong.

Along with fresh produce, other goods and items on offer at the market include wood carvings, and Thai handicrafts, clothing and accessories like hats and bags, as well as snacks, drinks and, of course, delicious noodle meals.some great pictures of what is a true Thai icon.

We recommend travellers to organise a tour to enjoy the Floating Market. Most tours will pick you up from any of the hotels in Bangkok. The tour normally starts around 06:30 (slightly later at weekends due to the lack of traffic).

You do need to verify that the tour is in fact of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and not another, as there are hundreds around, and you should also clarify what the tour price actually includes, and how many people will be in your tour.