Whats Up Agogo Pattaya


Whats Up Agogo is located in Soi 15, off Walking Street, in Pattaya, Thailand.

Despite being a bit off the beaten track, it has always been one of the busiest gogo bars in Pattaya. With an ultra modern white interior and some of the hottest girls on the whole strip, What’s Up Go-Go Club is usually packed with customers who don’t mind paying a little more for their drinks and ‘extra’ services. Noticeable elements about What’s Up is how fit and athletic all the girls look with toned, lithe bodies and how friendly and smiling all the staff seem to be. The club has seating around the periphery, banks of stools around two dancing stages and around a Jacuzzi bathtub towards the rear of the club. The majority of the dancers wear bikinis in What’s Up, but they have Aerial acrobatic and Beautiful shows every 30 minutes when far more gets revealed.

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What’s Up A-Go-Go