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Friday, June 2, 2023
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Latest news from Thailand!

Thai Air Asia CEO predicts Thai economy will recover from Covid19 in 2022

BANGKOK- Executives of airlines registered in Thailand have met with the Prime Minister to ask the government to provide additional assistance after the COVID-19...

Pattaya may take 5-YEARS to recover, say locals

A business and tourism leader in Pattaya has presented the worst prediction yet of the economy at Thailand’s famous resort. Ekkasit Ngamphichet claims it will...

Thailand has 3 new coronavirus cases, urges travel disclosure

Health minister discourages travel abroad, saying 'It could be your last holiday.' Thailand has confirmed three more novel coronavirus cases, taking the country’s total to...

‘Forgotten’ tourists enjoying Chinese-free Pattaya

Hotels are cheaper, the traffic better and maybe even the service has improved now that Pattaya’s Chinese golden goose has flown the coop. With China...

Plans to boost Thai tourism won’t benefit deserted Pattaya beer bars

Pattaya tourism officials said they plan to boost efforts to attract Thai tourists to offset the loss of Chinese tour groups, but that’s not...
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