Dan Bilzerian Slams Israel, Says US Government is “Compromised”

Dan Bilzerian Slams Israel, Says US Government is “Compromised”

Influencer and businessman Dan Bilzerian has taken to social to sharply criticize the state of Israel and the American government’s continued support for its war in Gaza. Meanwhile, the “All Eyes on Rafah” trend has reached over 47 million shares on Instagram, acting as a new “black square” trend which accompanied the George Floyd riots of 2020.

Bilzerian, a professional poker player and serial entrepreneur (his holding company Ignite International Brand owns several companies in beverages, CBD, electronic cigarettes among other things), has been criticizing Israel on social media for several weeks. Yesterday, he went all out:

“Israel is a parasitic organism living off America while providing us zero benefit,” he wrote on Instagram. “We are funding their war crimes and they’ve compromised our government.”

Israel’s ongoing invasion of Rafah caught the world’s attention over the weekend when it launched an airstrike that ended up killing some 45 people and injuring 249 others by causing a lethal fire. The Biden administration, which previously drew a “red line” on killing civilians and threatened Israel it would rescind weapon shipments if they crossed it, said the attack did not cross said line. This provoked the ire of reporters, who directed their criticism at National Security comms advisor John Kirby on Tuesday.

Bilzerian criticized Israel twice on Monday.

He also criticized the country in late April.

Bilzerian—a serial womanizer—suggested monogamy with a good woman was in some ways superior to promiscuity. “I have been having sex with three girls a day, on average—at least, at minimum,” he began. “If I only had sex with two girls in a day something was off. […] “I don’t know, what I kinda landed on is I think it’s better to have a monogamous relationship, strange as that is coming from me.”

Bilzerian seems to have been weighing in on more political and social issues over the last year, straying from his usual single-track theme of luxury and wealth. With his massive platform of 1.5 million X followers and 32 million Instagram followers, Bilzerian could tip the scale of the culture war, driving more people over to the “America First” side of things.

His recent tweets have hit on various other issues in the culture wars as well.

Andrew and Tristan Tate, who are friends with Bilzerian, have also been critical of Israel since its violent campaign in Gaza and its vast support from the West following the October 7th attack. Tristan liked Bilzerian’s Instagram post, and Andrew commented “What the f*ck” in reply to a post from former primary candidate Nikki Haley proudly writing “finish them” on Israeli mortars.

The “All Eyes on Rafah” AI-generated photo was started by Instagram user @chaa.my__, a digital creator named Mustafa Talha Atak. After their first trend reached 47 million shares, they have created another, “All Eyes on Palestine,” 9 hours ago that has since been shared 1.6 million times.