18 Republicans Voted against Banning Pentagon’s Drag Show Funding, Here Are Their Names

18 Republicans Voted against Banning Pentagon’s Drag Show Funding, Here Are Their Names

The rallying cry amongst Republicans over the past two has been to strengthen the military, which came in the form of banning the Pentagon’s drag show funding.

However, the Biden administration’s focus isn’t on winning battles and making America strong; they are more preoccupied with pushing a radical leftist agenda and making the country weak on the world stage.

Republican representative Chip Roy of Texas recently proposed an amendment to the House spending bill to strip Government funding from drag shows and “pride” events at the Department of Defense.

A stark opponent of woke ideology in the military, Roy and other members of Congress filed a motion to remove funding for LGBT events from the Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

“The Pentagon should be MORE focused on maintaining military readiness (like shoring up our intel) than hosting drag queen events and indoctrinating troops,” his office wrote on X, then Twitter, at the time.

But despite the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Roy’s test amendment was defeated by a margin of 231 to 202 this week.

All 213 House Democrats voted against the amendment, which wasn’t surprising.

What is surprising, however, is that they were joined by 18 “turncoat” House Republicans who defected and sided with their liberal colleagues.

Those 18 spineless Republicans just helped to kill a common-sense amendment on the House floor.

Here are those 18 Republicans’ names:

The fact that these Republicans voted against this measure to ban drag show funding is disappointing and sheds light on the dire state of the conservative movement in America.

It’s even more concerning when you consider the state of America’s economy.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the US State Department has spent millions of dollars to organize and fund drag shows and pride parades worldwide.

Moreover, besides funding drag shows and pride parades, taxpayer dollars are being used to promote puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for “transgender” children.

So far, the Biden administration has given nearly $4.6 million to help foreign groups promote LGBT projects like pride parades and drag shows.

Do theses Republicans really think America needs more drag show funding for the military when we are on the brink of World War Three?

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine currently raging on and China’s increasingly aggressive attitude towards Taiwan, how would the US handle a major war break out?

Russia and China have lost respect for the US military, and I don’t blame them.

The US military is more concerned with radical woke ideology than fighting our enemies.

It’s no wonder China and Russia are doing what the hell they want.

Under President Donald Trump, this would have never happened.

Passing the amendment would have been a great first step to fixing America’s military.

But it seems some Republicans are just in name only.