COVID-19 Guide for Travelers to and in Thailand

COVID-19 Guide for Travelers to and in Thailand
TODAY’S UPDATE – New Visa Rules
  • Thailand reports 6 new COVID-19 infections (returning Thai/foreign national in state quarantine),  which brings the total number of cases to 3,410.
  • Out of the 3,404 cases, there are 3,237 recoveries, 58 deaths, and 115 cases currently undergoing treatment.
  • Thailand travel ban on some international passenger flights has been extended until further notice.
  • Thailand grants visa amnesty to all foreigners in Thailand whose visas expired on March 26 onward; foreigners are permitted to stay in Thailand until September 26 only.
  • The “automatic visa extension” continues until Sept 26. In order for short-term visa holders to remain in Thailand after that date, they must apply for an extension to stay before Sept 26. For that, they must have a letter from their embassy or a letter from a doctor (in case illness is preventing travel). The 30-day extension, if granted, will become effective from Sept 27.
  • The Immigration Bureau also requires the 90-day address reporting of all long term visa holders from August 1 until August 31.
  • Thai Immigration Bureau in Bangkok opened a temporary immigration office for short term visa extension and 90-day reporting applications at Muang Thong Thani.
  • The foreigners to be allowed to enter Thailand will comprise of  diplomats and foreign workers including their families, business representatives and experts invited by the government, permanent residents, foreigners with Thai families, students and their guardians, medical tourists and their attendants and migrant workers with official documents. Foreigners must get in touch with the local Thai Embassy in their current location to apply for Certificate of Entry and for more information.
  • Currently, the following types of visas are NOT permitted to enter Thailand: Tourists visa holders (TR), Sports visa holders (S), Monks and other religious visa holders (R), Retirement visa holders (O-A/O-X), Volunteers (O), and non-formal students visa holders (such as language schools, diving schools, boxing schools).