Pattaya may take 5-YEARS to recover, say locals

Pattaya may take 5-YEARS to recover, say locals - Thailand

A business and tourism leader in Pattaya has presented the worst prediction yet of the economy at Thailand’s famous resort.

Ekkasit Ngamphichet claims it will be at least 4 to 5 years before tourism in Pattaya returns to previous levels.

In an interview with Sophon Cable TV reported on Facebook, Ekkasit spelled out the home truths.

There are ZERO foreign tourists in Pattaya and they previously made up 70-80% of all hotel visitors.

Thai domestic tourists only visit on weekends and public holidays and so tourism in Pattaya has been all but destroyed.

His boldest prediction is that next year might see tourism back to 60% of previous levels.

But even that appeared optimistic and was based on everything going right in terms of virus control, the conditions Thailand impose upon incoming travelers and foreign tourists wanting to visit the country again.

He said that operators in the tourism sector needed to be ready for a long haul to recovery that would be four to five years.

Businesses must plan accordingly and everyone must pull together, were his overriding messages.

But most do not have the resources to fund such long-term losses and this means Pattaya could be in the process of a long and painful period of change – Sophon Cable TV