Officers from Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations have arrested the Dutch pedophile Reinold Klunder in Hua Hin, wanted for sexually abusing children under the age 15.
The man, identified as Mr.Reinold KLUNDER, was arrested on Monday at a property in the Smorprong area near Bor Fai in Hua Hin for sexual abuse of a child aged 15 or under had earlier been investigated for an alleged similar offence before leaving the Netherlands.
Inside the property officers found a ten year old boy.
Stained bed linen, 6 computers, 2 mobile phones, 2 tablets, memory cards and CDs were taken as evidence. Sex toys were also found at the property.
TNN Thailand reported the man admitted to luring boys under the age of 15 by telling them they could swim in his pool. He gave the boys food and admitted to later having sex with them and recording videos which he would distribute to his pedophile friends.
Klunder who had reportedly worked in real estate in Hua Hin also told people he was a musician.
Property business from the Dutch pedophile:
DSI officers made the arrest following information from the authorities in the Netherlands, where he had fled similar charges related to the sexual abuse of children.
Officers were leaving having arrested Klunder another boy arrived at the property.
Photos believed to be from 2013 showed Klunder alongside two boys next to a swimming pool.

TNN also reported on the statistics of foreigners being arrested in Thailand for sexually abusing children under the age of 15. Between 2010 and 2017, there were 113 cases in Chonburi, 25 in Chiang Mai and 12 in Bangkok. 

Source: TNN