Tourist is caught having a threesome while drinking beer in a Jacuzzi as soldiers continue prostitution crackdown in Thailand

  • The unidentified man had taken the two women to a private room at the club in Pattaya
  • Police and army officers burst in to find him naked in the hot tub with the women
  • Authorities have banned new strip clubs from opening in the city
  • Police chiefs say they will continue operations to clamp down on the sex trade 


Soldiers burst into a Thai brothel last night to find a man having a threesome with two young sex workers in a Jacuzzi.

The western man, who has not been identified, was drinking at the Rioja club in Pattaya when the raid was carried out.

He had taken the women, who were in their 20s, to a private room and paid around 3,000 baht – the equivalent of £70 – for an hour in the hot tub with them.

But authorities, who have recently banned new strip clubs from opening in the city, were at the same time continuing their raids on bars to root out prostitution.

Police and army officers found 15 sex workers downstairs drinking with customers, one having sex on a bed upstairs, and in the last of the ’short time’ rooms the western tourist in a bubble bath.

He was drinking beer, smoking a cigarette and receiving oral sex from one naked woman while another watched.

Pattaya police chief Colonel Apichai Klobpetch said: ‘This was another successful operation. We cannot allow this in Pattaya.

‘This is a resort for families of every age to enjoy. We will continue more operations to clean the area.’

Undercover officers initially entered the club and confirmed that sex was available by offering 3,000baht for a girl.

After raiding the club, they found codoms, lubricant and other sex toys on the premises.

A 52-year-old woman who claimed to be in charge of the business was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Thai police are continuing their crackdown on bad behaviour in Pattaya

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