Partying in Bangkok is different than partying in any other cities around the world. In other countries, bottle service is often reserved for the rich, while drinking beer is for the common man. In Bangkok, things are a little different…

Here are two different approaches you can take to your Bangkok Nightlife experience:



Style 1: Amateur Style

You arrive at the club. You wait in line and pay the 300 baht (9usd) entrance charge. You order each 200 baht (6usd) drink separately from the bar. Since you have no table, you hang around the bar with all the other single foreigner guys who don’t know any better. You get bored, you circle the club over and over looking like a creepy predator. Then you go back to the bar to order another beer. And the vicious cycle repeats itself.

The only girls that give you attention are the dirty prostitutes that you wouldn’t even consider touching unless you were wasted.


Style 2: Gods of Thailand Style

You arrive at the club. Instead of waiting in line, you go to the front and order a bottle of vodka or whisky with mixers for 2000 – 3000 baht (60 – 90usd). This will come with free entrance for 5 people.

You then are ushered in by a member of the staff who selects a table for you. You give the staff a 100 baht (3usd) tip to make sure he picks a table surrounded by girls.

You drink with your friends and have a good time. You don’t directly hit on any girls, but you talk to the other guys and girls at surrounding tables.

You make eye contact with one of the hottest Thai girls in the club. You smile at her, she smiles back. You approach, introduce yourself, and bring her back to your table.

An hour later you take her home.

Final Advice

Whoring” and “Partying” are two very different things in Bangkok. Whoring requires no subtlety. This is where you go to a place full of hookers, you see a hot girl, ask how much, take her home, fuck, and then pay.

Partying on the other hand, requires some subtlety. This is where you act like a foreigner who lives in Thailand and understands the nightlife scene. This is where you order bottles when you go out, not beers. This is where you don’t hit on 10 girls in a row, but you save it for the one or two that are truly worth it.

This is where you have fun. And by having fun, you attract girls who also want to have fun.

Next time you party in Bangkok, ask yourself, “Which guy am I?