Thai Boxing “Muay Thai” Gym in Rawai


Phuket Muay Thai Boxing

In the history and culture of Thailand, the sport of kickboxing, commonly called “Muay Thai”, holds a special place.

Thai Boxing "Muay Thai" Gym in Rawai - Sinbithai

The sport has been a national institution since ancient times, and today the sport still is very popular, with major fights being broadcast on television and top fighters being rewarded lavishly. Not surprising, many foreigners find this part of the culture fascinating, in no small part due to the rise in international prominence over the last few years of MMA and associated marital arts styles.

For those who want to really learn what Muay Thai is all about, the Sinbi Thai Boxing Gym in Phuket allows people to both see and take part in this tradition-rich sport. The club prides itself not only on its champion producing pedigree but also on how serious it takes tradition and the sport’s history. Training is performed according to traditional techniques, and fighters are 100% expected to treat the instructors with the utmost respect. Training is physically grueling but rewarding, and the effectiveness of the gym’s methods can be seen in the fighters it has produced.

Rawai Beach

The gym’s location is of course also very appealing, practically right on the beach and allowing fighters to literally train in paradise. Nearby attractions include Rawai Beach, a gorgeous lake and some awe-inspiring waterfalls. The gym offers training sessions for those interested in both serious training or those looking for more of a one-off experience.

Prices for one session start at 400 baht, and get progressively cheaper as one commits to a longer schedule. A full month of training, 2 times per day 6 days per week comes out to just 10,000 baht. The gym also offers accommodation on site, allowing guests to stay close to the gym and bond with their fellow fighters.

Sinbi Thai Boxing Gym
Phone: +66 (0)911621510