Buddha Mountain Khao Chi Chan – Pattaya


Khao Chi Chan, Buddha Mountain Pattaya

Buddha Mountain, also locally known as Khao Chi Chan is one of most visited attractions in Pattaya.

Buddha Mountain Khao Chi Chan - Pattaya

The image is in the subduing Mara posture, cast by laser beams on the Khao Chi Chan cliff. It is a combination of Sukhothai and Lanna arts. The image is named “Phra Phuttha Maha Wachira Uttamophat Satsada” and was constructed in 1996 to honor His Majesty the King. This is an image of Buddha carved into the mountain and inlaid with gold. The Image is over 100m tall and is set in some beautiful gardens surrounded by Thai countryside and overlooking an enormous lake.

This Buddha image is supposedly carved out of the cliff face by laser. However, close up with a good telephoto lens or binoculars will show you that the gold outline is actually millions of small golden tiles placed into hand-crafted crevices. The truth is probably that the image was projected onto the cliff face to allow the Thai craftsmen to see where they should be working It is however a magnificent and very different Buddha image than those normally seen in Thailand.

As you enter the area you will have your photograph taken and when you return to the car park you will be offered a framed photograph which has been put onto a display plate. These photos are a nice holiday souvenir and are not particularly expensive. There are a couple of huts selling cold drinks and there are toilet facilities.