The Iron Club Pattaya

Extreme Go-Go Bar In Walking Street

The Iron Club Pattaya is regarded as one of the top go-go bars on Walking Street, with really remarkable interactive shows. Its unique design gets you much closer to the action than most of the competition and its tagline of “exclusive wild girls” is well-deserved.

After opening in October 2009 in the place previously occupied by Republika Disco, Iron Club fast became one of the most popular go-go bars in the area and has remained so ever since. You will frequently find the place packed, despite the fact that it is actually one of the larger go go bars in Pattaya, being fairly narrow, but very long. Down the length are a sequence of stages, each with seats close around them, with comfortable benches along both walls, too.

It is what happens on these stages which has kept The Iron Club Pattaya so busy for so long. While the girls are perhaps not the most stunningly beautiful (though they are certainly on the higher end of the spectrum of attractiveness), they are unusually talented and rather risqué, even by Walking Street standards. The coyote girls dancing on the two main stages (one where they wear bikinis and one where they don’t) actually put some effort in to dance in time to the music while the pole dancers on the smaller performance stage are impressively flexible and skilful.

The Iron Club Pattaya Walking Street

The special attraction is the unusual take on the ever-popular shower show. Rather than an enclosed cubicle where the girls get all soapy, there are instead two open shower pits which punters can sit around and rest their drinks on, putting you within splashing distance of the performance. What is the purpose of the acrobatic rings dangling over these pits? Well, let’s just say that the tagline of “exclusive wild girls” is really well-deserved.

The popularity of The Iron Club Pattaya means that they can get away with slightly higher than average prices for drinks, including bottled beer and spirits from 160 baht. The girls are quite friendly and it won’t take long for one to be asking you to buy her a lady drink (in fact, they have a bit of a reputation for being unusually thirsty), which will cost around 155 baht. Fortunately, draught beer is available and is pretty reasonably priced at 85 baht.

With its higher-than-average prices and extreme shows, this is perhaps not the place you’ll want to start your night on Walking Street, particularly if it is your first time in Pattaya. However, it is absolutely worth at least a look at some point in the evening, particularly once you’ve had a few drinks and are up for some fun.

iron club pattaya Walking Street

The Iron Club

Opening Hours: 20:00 – late

Location: Next to Airport Club, opposite Soi 15, Walking Street, South Pattaya