Rapper Amber Rose Confirmed as Speaker at RNC Convention

Rapper Amber Rose Confirmed as Speaker at RNC Convention

Model, rapper, and newly-minted conservative influencer Amber Rose announced on Monday that she will be speaking at next week’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in support of former President Donald Trump. The decision to include Rose—whose past social media activity has included a host of controversial statements, provocative content, and anti-Trump rhetoric before her recent shift into right-wing politics—has ignited significant controversy within the Republican voting base even as it draws new support for the party from within Rose’s fanbase.

Rose’s RNC appearance was first reported by CNN’s Kristen Holmes, then later confirmed by Rose herself.

“It’s true!” she wrote to her audience of 3.5 million X followers. “I’m speaking at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee #MAGA.”

Rose, real name Amber Rose Levonchuck, was first catapulted to stardom during her highly publicized relationship with rapper Kanye West from 2008-2010, followed by a short-lived marriage with rapper Wiz Khalifa. In 2015, she spearheaded the annual Los Angeles “SlutWalk,” a large-scale feminist demonstration against “slut-shaming” and sexual assault. Later that year, she published a self-help book entitled How to Be a Bad Bitch, and she launched a reality TV show on VH1 in 2016.

During the 2016 election, Rose took a decidedly anti-Trump stance, calling him a “f**king idiot” in an interview and saying that she “really hope[s] he’s not president.” However, as THAIMBC previously reported, Rose completely reversed this stance in May of this year, giving Trump a resounding endorsement at a fundraising event.

She also remarked to a TMZ reporter that the former president’s felony convictions would only make him more popular with the nation’s voters.

“I think it helps him more,” she said. “I think people see the injustice in what happened and they want to vote for him more than ever.”

Last month, Rose appeared in a pro-MAGA music video and began plastering her social media with MAGA-related content and photos of herself wearing Trump’s signature red hat.