Biden’s Covid Response Chief Admits ‘Harmful’ Vaccine Mandates Were a Mistake

Biden’s Covid Response Chief Admits ‘Harmful’ Vaccine Mandates Were a Mistake

Democrat President Joe Biden’s former White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha has admitted that vaccine mandates were a mistake.

In a new interview with former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Dr. Jha confessed that forcing people to take Covid mRNA injections was “harmful” to members of the public and damaged trust in government.

“In the long run [vaccine mandates] bred a lot of distrust and were harmful as well,” said Jha, who now serves as the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health.

Jha suggested vaccine mandates would be “very, very narrow” if another pandemic were to emerge.


The former top Biden White House official said he often reminds his friends in public health that the track record for mandates in their field “is not a glorious history.”

“In general, you don’t want to use mandates unless you absolutely have to,” Jha stated.

“And, I say that as somebody who supported vaccine mandates early on.

“But, I’m also someone who ended all the vaccine mandates when I was at the White House because I thought the era of mandates was well past its prime.”

“You should use mandates rarely,” the former government doctor urged.

“You should use it very narrowly and I get why people did it.

“I get why I was supportive of it initially: It seemed to work.

“It certainly saved a lot of lives, but in the long run, it also bred a lot of distrust and was harmful as well.

“So, hindsight on this is 20/20 but in the future, to the extent that there are mandates, I think they are going to be very, very narrow.”

Jha also claimed he’s hearing conflicting arguments from “loud fringe voices” on “the Left and the Right.”

He noted that the Left believes “we should all still be masking indoors.”

The doctor said the Right has a “lot of… conspiracy theories as well.”

However, he notes that the “broad middle” believes that the federal government’s response to the pandemic “was terrible.”

“The Left that’s convinced that the pandemic is just as bad as ever and we all should still be masking indoors, and then the right with all of its kind of a lot of, you know, conspiracy theories as well,” Jha said.

Jha added that he hears from people from the “broad middle” who “think, ‘That was terrible. We didn’t get everything right. Maybe there are some issues with our government and how it functioned. We’re in a better place, thank God,’ and are still open to listening to reasonable voices.

“And, I think that broad middle is among Democrats, is among Republicans.”


The comments from Jha come amid a growing pushback against the Covid mRNA shots as deaths and injuries continue to soar.

As THAIMBC News reported earlier, over 2000 doctors, scientists, and academics have signed a declaration demanding governments around the world order an “immediate” ban on Covid mRNA shots.

The unprecedented statement, called “The Hope Accord,” has also been signed by over 2700 other healthcare professionals.

In total, the document has now gained over 33,000 signatories.