Elon Musk Concerned about Illegal Immigration, Voting Fraud

Elon Musk Concerned about Illegal Immigration, Voting Fraud

Elon Musk has been increasingly outspoken about his concerns about illegal immigration and voting fraud on X and in speeches.

Tuesday morning he posted: “Electronic voting machines and anything mailed is too risky. We should mandate paper ballots and in-person voting only.”

Earlier, he commented, “True,” to a post by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton which stated, “Biden and the Democrats want illegal immigrants to vote in the election this November.”

Democratic Party leadership in Congress is reportedly preparing to oppose upcoming legislation that would require proof of US citizenship to vote in federal elections, urging all Democrats to vote “no” on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act. Musk has become a vocal supporter of the bill, while the White House has come out against it.

According to an official summary, “the bill prohibits states from accepting and processing an application to register to vote in a federal election unless the applicant presents documentary proof of U.S. citizenship.” It also, “requires states to remove noncitizens from their official lists of eligible voters.”

The White House released an official statement on the bill on Monday, arguing that it is already illegal for noncitizens to vote, and that the SAVE Act would make it harder for eligible citizens to vote. While the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 does outlaw illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections, the new SAVE Act provides distinct measures to prevent such actions.

Last year, Musk visited the US-Mexico border, which may have prompted a deeper concern about immigration issues.

Last month, the Republican National Committee announced a program to monitor and staff polling places in swing states. The program is supported by many attorneys ready to challenge voting law infractions encountered by monitors. They hope to recruit 100,000 volunteers for the election in November this year.

Donald Trump has promised to “begin the largest deportation operation in American history” if he wins in November.