UN Calls for End of ‘Hate Speech,’ Demands Governments ‘Eradicate It Completely’

UN Calls for End of ‘Hate Speech,’ Demands Governments ‘Eradicate It Completely’

The unelected United Nations is demanding that the governments of “sovereign” nations around the world crack down on their citizens’ wrongthink by completely eradicating so-called “hate speech.”

The globalist leader of the UN, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, issued a statement demanding the end of “hate speech,” which he describes as inherently toxic and entirely intolerable.

Guterres issued his statement to mark the occasion of the UN’s “International Day for Countering Hate Speech.”

The issue of censoring “hate speech” stirs significant controversy.

The agenda uses a nebulous and subjective definition of “hate” as a blanket meaning to attack unwelcome elements of free speech.

However, the globalists working to define what constitutes “hate speech” essentially hold the power to determine the limits of free expression and, therefore, eliminate criticism.

This power, wielded without stringent checks and balances, leads to excessive censorship and suppression of dissenting voices.

Yet, their attacks on free speech are antithetical to the principles of freedom.

Guterres highlighted the historic violence which he claims was caused by “hate speech.”

He cited devastating examples such as Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and Bosnia to suggest that free speech leads to violence and even crimes against humanity.

The UN chief continued by alleging that the damage caused by “hate speech” is ongoing.

As a side note, the UN qualifies calling a male who dresses in women’s clothing “a man” as a form of “hate speech.”

“Hate speech is a marker of discrimination, abuse, violence, conflict, and even crimes against humanity,” Guterres said.

“We have time and again seen this play out from Nazi Germany to Rwanda, Bosnia, and beyond.

“There is no acceptable level of hate speech; we must all work to eradicate it completely.”

Guterres also noted what he suggested is the worrying rise of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim sentiments.

He claims these sentiments are being propagated both online and by prominent figures.

Guterres, an unelected bureaucrat, argues that countries are legally bound by international law to combat incitement to hatred.

He continued by warning that governments must also foster diversity and mutual respect.

Guterres demanded that nations uphold these legal commitments and take action that eliminates hate speech.

The UN General Assembly marked June 18 as the “International Day for Countering Hate Speech” in 2021.

Guterres has long promoted online censorship.

He has frequently complained about the alleged issue of online “misinformation” several times.

Guterres describes so-called “misinformation” as a “grave” threat.

He has also been pushing for the creation of an international code to tackle it.

His strategy involves a partnership among governments, tech giants, and civil society to curb the spread of wrongthink on social media, despite risks to free speech.