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American Business Owner has illegal migrant come to him for a job, he says the “Illegal Immigrant has Social Security Card and Drivers License with Work ID in 4 months” of entering America

“So yesterday, I ran into somebody that I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t seen this guy for months. He’s been here for about five months in the United States, six months, something like that. And he says, hey, I’m looking for work. And I said, well, I can’t hire you, man. I got to hire legitimate people or whatever.

And he was like, No, no, no, I’m legitimate now. And he’s broken English kind of bits and pieces together and he pulls his ID and stuff out of his pocket. He says, I’ve got social security card now and I got workers ID and permit for working everything all legit. Stamp, city stamping, specialized social security envelope. And I said, let’s go inside real quick. I need a translator.

I have a couple of my guys, they speak Spanish and I’m talking to them and I says, so, where are we at with time frame wise? How long did it take you to get your social security card and your workers permit?

He said maybe three and a half, four months. Finished in my hand. This dude got his freaking work permit and social security card, came here illegally, got documented, got on the buses from Texas to Chicago, got in process here in Chicago, found an apartment building within the first week in Efficiency apartment, moved into the apartment building and has been working cash jobs under the table for the last four months until recently got his workers permit.

Now he’s working for a roofing company but they’re laid off right now. They’re laid off right now and he’s looking for work. And I said, I don’t necessarily need anybody right now, buddy. I’m sorry, I’ll have to pass. This shocks me, the fact that this guy can’t even speak English. Almost not a lick of English. Very broken, can barely understand, gotta have a translator around.

Luckily I speak enough Spanish to know what he’s saying and I’m like this is absolutely crazy.

Four months already has a driver’s license, insurance, he bought like a 2012-2011 Ford Focus.

— Now within four months this guy’s got a social security card, he’s got his workers identification card for working, he’s got a driver’s license, he’s got insurance, he just bought a car, all in four months. And it has an efficiency apartment that he pays $500 a month for with government assistance.

That’s f**ked up, man. We have people literally trying to do everything they’ve been waiting for years that still don’t have what this guy has in four months. That’s how fucked up our government is. That’s how much they care about the illegal migrants more than they care about their own people.

— It’s messed up man. It’s really really really messed up that they would do this for people that are not even from this country. They didn’t help build this country. They didn’t help contribute to this country and they just walk right in like they do and just get handed IDs, Social Security card, just get them on the payroll and stuff. Let’s just let’s just let’s just do it for them. Let’s get them let’s get them set but not take care of our own people that are on the streets. It’s messed up.”