Bill Gates Launches ‘Maggot Milk’ to Replace Dairy

Bill Gates Launches ‘Maggot Milk’ to Replace Dairy

Billionaire Bill Gates has launched a new product made from liquidized fly larvae dubbed “Maggot Milk” to replace dairy products in the food supply and supposedly “fight climate change.”

According to Gates, feeding the general public with “Maggot Milk” and other insect-based “foods” is essential for stopping so-called “global warming.”

The new “EntoMilk” is described as a “dairy alternative” that is made from “black soldier fly larvae” or maggots.

The maggots are blended into a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy,” according to its creators.

“It’s got a very creamy mouthfeel,” the promotional video claims.


Gates and his allies in the ruling class argue that EntoMilk should replace traditional dairy milk because farming allegedly destroys the planet.

“The world needs alternatives to survive,” the promo claims.

“Insects are vital for the future of food because they require very little land and they don’t damage the environment like livestock.

“They don’t produce greenhouse gases,” the promo said.

The comments on the video say it all.

Most humans are appalled and disgusted at the idea of eating bugs, and there’s a reason for that.

The human body isn’t meant to consume bugs in large quantities, which is why most have a gag reflex just thinking about drinking maggots.

This is going to be a tough sell to most of the human population, but they have successfully brainwashed many into believing it’s the only way to save the planet.

Is Bill Gates planning to drink this bug juice? Not likely.

Only the slave class will be forced to forgo meat and dairy while the rulers eat whatever they want.

This bug milk news comes amid growing calls for Gates’s totalitarian allies at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to begin replacing meat and dairy products with insect-based “foods.”

As THAIMBC News reported, the WEF is demanding that the governments of “sovereign” nations begin “reinventing” the food supply by replacing meat and dairy with insect-based and lab-grown products.