Preparing for horrifying scenarios of pregnancies in Hamas captivity


Chilling document reveals possible fate of 12 women still being held

Preparing for horrifying scenarios of pregnancies in Hamas captivity
Screenshot from video of Hamas terrorists capturing female IDF observers during the Oct. 7 attack. (Courtesy: Hostages and Missing Families Forum/X.)

(JERUSALEM POST) – Nine months have passed since twelve women were kidnapped and held captive by Hamas. The horrifying possibility of pregnancy in captivity has resurfaced. A new medical document reviewing the medical literature highlights the anticipated medical, psychological, and social issues that could arise should one of the raped hostages become pregnant.

Published in the latest issue of the “Harefuah” journal by the Israel Medical Association, the article was written by Dr. Lea Shelef from the School of Social Work at Sapir College and psychiatrist Dr. Gil Salzman from Geha Hospital.

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The authors note that in several wars around the world, rape has been systematically used as a method to annihilate populations. For example, ISIS attacks since 2014 during the war in Iraq and Syria, and the mass rapes of women in the wars in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

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