Douglas Macgregor: Corruption in Washington is America’s Biggest Threat


Douglas Macgregor warns of deep-rooted corruption in Washington, D.C.

Douglas Macgregor exposes the pervasive corruption and incompetence within the U.S. government, asserting that these internal issues pose a more significant danger to the nation than any external threats.

“… Americans are conditioned to believe that there are threats all over the world. And in reality, you know, there really aren’t — the biggest threat to America right now, I think, is the incompetence and corruption in Washington, DC.”

He highlights how financial interests have tainted the political system, leading to decisions that neglect the needs and desires of the average American.

“People elected to office are essentially bought up by very wealthy billionaire oligarchs.”

Macgregor condemns the U.S.’s relentless quest for global dominance and the detrimental effects of unchecked immigration on national identity.

“If you can bring in enough people who are fundamentally different from the core American population that speaks English, that shares these values, and traditions and history, then you can destroy it.”

“Everyone is walking away from us or running away from us as fast as they can, because they don’t want to be bullied anymore.”

He calls for substantial reforms to realign the government with the genuine interests of its citizens.

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