Court Rules Andrew Tate Can Travel Outside Romania

Court Rules Andrew Tate Can Travel Outside Romania

On Friday, a court in Bucharest, Romania ruled that kickboxing champion and masculinity influencer Andrew Tate is permitted to leave the country as he awaits his trial concerning charges of human trafficking.

After serving time in prison, Tate was released under prohibition from leaving the country; several phases of house arrest followed from there. But now he may travel within the EU without limits, and in a video posted to X he implied he may also travel to different continents.

“My judges decided after three years I’m allowed to leave Romania. So do we take the [Ferrari] SF90 to Italy, the [Maserati] MC20 to Cannes, the [Ferrari] 812 Competition to Paris, where do I go? I can go anywhere I want … Tokyo, Dubai, Miami, Geneva, London,” he said.

Tate spokeswoman Mateea Petrescu praised the court ruling as a “significant victory and a major step forward” in the case. “We embrace and applaud the decision of the court today, I consider it a reflection of the exemplary behaviour and assistance of my clients,” said lawyer Eugen Vidineac. “[The Tates are] still determined to clear their name and reputation,” he continued, adding that the travel ban would allow them to “pursue professional opportunities without restriction.”

The legal team previously appealed a court decision to start the trial in April. Andrew, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian females—all of whom were indicted in June 2023 on trafficking, rape, and gang charges—were banned from leaving the country as of April.

The Tates, who have UK and US citizenship, had previously been prohibited from leaving the country from December 2022 to April 2023. During this period, they were held in police custody and as a criminal investigation ensued. After this, they were put under house arrest until August 2023, when they were switched to judicial control.

Tate has repeatedly claimed that there is no evidence to support the criminal accusations against him or his affiliates and that the prosecutors are politically motivated.