mRNA Jabs Increased Excess Mortality Numbers – Study

mRNA Jabs Increased Excess Mortality Numbers – Study  vaccination

An official study analyzing excess mortality numbers in Germany found that death rates soared after Covid mRNA injections were injected into people.

This study mirrors the findings of another study which found strikingly similar results in Italy.

“Regarding the increase in excess mortality, an increasingly strong positive correlation with the vaccination rate of a federal state is observed, which reaches a value of r = 0.85 in the third pandemic year, indicating that excess mortality increased the stronger the higher the vaccination rate in a federal state was. An analysis of stillbirths showed exactly the same pattern,” the study stated in the ‘Results’ section. reports: Interestingly, excess mortality was lowest in the first year of the pandemic, yet increased in the second and third years (the vaccinations years).

“In nearly all states, excess mortality was small in the first pandemic year, increased in the second and even more in the third pandemic years,” the study said in the ‘Results’ section.

“For the second and third pandemic year a significant positive correlation between the increase of excess mortality and COVID-19 vaccinations is observed, a fact that strongly calls for further investigations on possible negative effects of COVID-19 vaccinations,” the study said in the ‘Conclusions’ section.

In order to calculate excess mortality the researchers compared the observed number of all-cause deaths in each German state with the number of the statistically expected all-cause deaths.

“Their conclusions are chilling. As COVID-19 deaths declined, most likely attributable to early treatments, growing population natural immunity, and milder strains of SARS-CoV-2, the excess mortality increased most likely due to mass vaccination,” Dr. Peter McCullough said on his Substack.