Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden ‘Is as Sharp as Ever’

Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden ‘Is as Sharp as Ever’

Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has just taken her infamous gaslighting to a whole new level.

According to Jean-Pierre, Biden “is as sharp as ever.”

Jean-Pierre made the claims during a Wednesday press briefing as Biden faces growing calls to step down following his disastrous debate performance.

Her remarks come as the president, VP Kamala Harris, Biden’s campaign, and the Democratic Party have remained united behind the embattled POTUS, at least publicly.

Officially, Biden remains the Democrats’ nominee heading into November, for now.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre during the press briefing if she believed “that the president is as sharp today as he was when he took this job.”

She was also asked if she’d noticed any kind of “slowdown.”

“What I can say is this is a president who is strong and resolute in delivering for the American people,” she claimed.

“That’s what I see,” she continued.

“I see a president, when I’m in, sitting in front of him, you know, going through the day or talking about what he’s doing next, he is someone that engages with us.

“He wants to know, he pushes us, he — you know, probes us, wanting to figure out, like, the bigger picture of whatever we’re trying to explain to him or even granular details.”

“He is as sharp as ever, as I have known him to be,” she alleged.

“In my engagement and my experience with him, I know, when I walk into the Oval Office or, or see him on Air Force One, I have to be on top of my game. I do.

“That’s just kind of my engagement with him and how it’s been for the past couple of years.”


Meanwhile, Democrat governors rallied behind Biden on Wednesday.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, the chair of the Democrat Governors Association, attended an emergency meeting with Biden event in person.

Joining them in person were several Democrat governors, including:

  • California Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker
  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker
  • New York Governor Kathy Hochul
  • Maryland Governor Wes Moore
  • Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

The rest of the nation’s Democrat governors attended the meeting virtually.

“Yes, he’s fit for office,” Walz claimed to reporters after the meeting.

“None of us are denying Thursday night was a bad performance, it was a bad hit, if you will, on that, but it doesn’t impact what I believe, that he’s delivering.”

“The governors have his back,” Walz added.

“A path to victory in November is the number one priority and that’s the number one priority of the president.”

The Wall Street Journal found in a poll released on Wednesday that Trump leads Biden 48% to 42%.

Additionally, 80% of voters now say that Biden is “too old” to run again for president.